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Prepare your ERP for 3PL Adopting a 3PL (third party logistics) provider model is common practice as businesses seek to exploit value throughout the supply chain. During adoption, supply chain directors tend to focus on commercial contracts, logistics between the production site and the warehouse, warehouse staffing and training, picking returns procedures and so on. […]

3PL Definition Guide - 46 Logistics Support Services Explained

Logistics Services For Dummies

“3PLs bundle services to better serve their clients. The logistics industry is huge and the service offerings are very diverse. There are 5 major categories of logistics services: warehousing, transportation, special services, technology and logistics management.”   Ultimate Guide to 3PL Services Have you ever nodded your head cluelessly and pretended to know what those […]

LTL Freight damage

LTL Freight Damage Responsibilities

When it comes to LTL freight damage, the shipper and consignee both have responsibilities. LTL Freight Damage – Shipper Responsibilities Proper packaging. Proper markings on the packaging Proper description on the shipping papers The shipper must follow all tariff and shipping regulations related to the product.  Proper packaging requirements are outlined in the following two […]

highly effective shipper

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Shippers

Highly Effective Shippers Highly effective shippers are successful because they have developed the right attitude and habits regarding shipping. Below is a list of the 7 habits of highly effective shippers: 1.  Strategic view of shipping Highly effective shippers see a well-run shipping function as a competitive advantage.  With this in mind, they hire the […]

When Evaluating a 3PL, Check for These 8 Must Have Cultural Traits

When evaluating a 3PL, the culture should definitely be considered. Every company has a culture, sometimes called organizational culture or corporate culture.  The culture refers to the values and attitudes of employees in the business or organization.  Each company has it’s own unique culture that can be a great benefit to or a big detriment to […]

The Secret to 3PL Pricing

When you approach a 3PL for pricing, realize that the first prices you receive will be based on your volume estimates for the year. The 3PL pricing will be based on the estimates you give the 3PL and will probably change when the 3PL sees your actual shipments. Expect accessorial prices for pallets, wrapping, strapping, […]

The Keys to a Successful 3PL Partnership

The key ingredients to a successful 3PL partnership are collaboration and trust between the customer and 3PL. But, this means genuine collaboration and trust, not just “lip service.” This is more difficult then it seems on it’s face. The customer really wants Cost Reduction. The 3PL wants to help the customer, but has much more […]

My Nightmare Shipment

As the general manager of a logistics company, I run across shipping problems every day. Our team routinely solves problems related to missed pick-ups, late shipments, routing issues, carrier issues, paperwork and a host of other issues. About once per year, we have a nightmare shipment, where everything goes wrong. The Nightmare Begins My nightmare […]

Chuck Intrieri Executive Profile

Experienced logistics and supply chain consultant, Chuck Intrieri is a new contributor to TheLogisticsofLogistics.com.  Chuck Intrieri is currently a operations and management consultant focused on third party logistics (3PL) management Chuck Intrieri Professional Experience  Mr. Intrieri is a highly experienced and credentialed supply chain professional and is a recognized thought leader and innovator, primarily in […]