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LTL Freight damage

LTL Freight Damage Responsibilities

When it comes to LTL freight damage, the shipper and consignee both have responsibilities. LTL Freight Damage – Shipper Responsibilities Proper packaging. Proper markings on the packaging Proper description on the shipping papers The shipper must follow all tariff and shipping regulations related to the product.  Proper packaging requirements are outlined in the following two […]


My Nightmare Shipment

As the general manager of a logistics company, I run across shipping problems every day. Our team routinely solves problems related to missed pick-ups, late shipments, routing issues, carrier issues, paperwork and a host of other issues. About once per year, we have a nightmare shipment, where everything goes wrong. The Nightmare Begins My nightmare […]


Chuck Intrieri Executive Profile

Experienced logistics and supply chain consultant, Chuck Intrieri is a new contributor to TheLogisticsofLogistics.com.  Chuck Intrieri is currently a operations and management consultant focused on third party logistics (3PL) management Chuck Intrieri Professional Experience  Mr. Intrieri is a highly experienced and credentialed supply chain professional and is a recognized thought leader and innovator, primarily in […]


Webinar: Selecting a 3PL, a Guide for High Volume LTL Shippers (October 24, 2012)

Webinar:  Selecting a 3rd Party Logistics Provider; a Guide for High Volume LTL Shippers (October 24, 1:00 pm EST) Register at http://www.anymeeting.com/PIID=E057DA81824C A good 3PL can save your company money and streamline your shipping function, but a bad one can cost you money and even customers.  The key is picking the right 3PL for the unique […]


Tons of trucking jobs … that nobody wants

During tough economic times with high unemployment, Americans should be jumping at any chance to work, but trucking companies are struggling to hire drivers. There are as many as 200,000 job openings nationwide for long haul truckers, according to David Heller, director of safety and policy for the Truckload Carriers Association. The U.S. Bureau of […]

Frustrated Young Woman

Let Us Screw Up Your Shipment

You read it right, let us screw up your shipment. Don’t get me wrong, I despise screwed up shipments! Lost, damage and late shipments are the bane of my existence. Screwed up shipments cost us money, waste our time and hurt valuable client relationships. As a logistics provider, we do a lot of shipping so […]


The Logistics of Logistics

Welcome to my blog, The Logistics of Logistics! The purpose of this blog is to connect with prospective clients, partner carriers and the logistics community in general. My mission is to demystfy, explain and simplify the logistics world for non logistics people. In my day job as a GM of a logistics company, I run across […]