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logistics process improvement

Logistics Process Mapping Basics

Logistics process mapping is a great way for improving the logistics process and performance. The goal of logistics process mapping is to reduce costs, while improving service quality and customer satisfaction. Process mapping has been around forever and to some it might seem old fashioned and passé, but it still works like a charm. Process […]

highly effective shipper

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Shippers

Highly Effective Shippers Highly effective shippers are successful because they have developed the right attitude and habits regarding shipping. Below is a list of the 7 habits of highly effective shippers: 1.  Strategic view of shipping Highly effective shippers see a well-run shipping function as a competitive advantage.  With this in mind, they hire the […]

My Nightmare Shipment

As the general manager of a logistics company, I run across shipping problems every day. Our team routinely solves problems related to missed pick-ups, late shipments, routing issues, carrier issues, paperwork and a host of other issues. About once per year, we have a nightmare shipment, where everything goes wrong. The Nightmare Begins My nightmare […]

Logistics is Simple, but Not Easy

Logistics is simple, but not easy. Some things in life are simple, but not easy.  Logistics and dieting both belong to the simple, but not easy category. The key to successful dieting is simple; just consume fewer calories than you burn off.  The equation is simple enough, but anyone who has ever dieted will tell […]

Let Us Screw Up Your Shipment

You read it right, let us screw up your shipment. Don’t get me wrong, I despise screwed up shipments! Lost, damage and late shipments are the bane of my existence. Screwed up shipments cost us money, waste our time and hurt valuable client relationships. As a logistics provider, we do a lot of shipping so […]

The Logistics of Logistics

Welcome to my blog, The Logistics of Logistics! The purpose of this blog is to connect with prospective clients, partner carriers and the logistics community in general. My mission is to demystfy, explain and simplify the logistics world for non logistics people. In my day job as a GM of a logistics company, I run across […]