Have you ever found just the perfect prospect? The type of company that your service was custom designed to serve?

After your first contact, you start fantasizing about the great service you will provide, the new ideas you will bring and all the savings you can deliver. Of course, you will begin calculating your commission in your head, on napkins and any other scrap of paper.

But something happens on your way to the bank…

The perfect prospect is indifferent or maybe not in hurry to make a change. Perhaps their boss doesn’t want the hassle right now.

Whether they know it or not, you and your service are perfect for them so you persist. You will call once a month to keep in contact. You persist because this is your perfect customer and like a love struck teenager you can never let go.

I have definitely obsessed over the perfect prospect that never becomes a customer. I think most everyone in sales has lived this painful experience.

Why Do We Obsess?

I think we obsess over certain prospects because we don’t have enough good quality leads to follow up on.

When I began focusing on lead generation, I got more leads and I didn’t get so hung up on closing the sale with prospects who were not really interested.

Another benefit of a sustainable lead generation process is prospects will begin to contact you. YOU know a prospect who contacts you is way more likely to become a customer.

Bottom line: When you find yourself obsessing over a prospect, change your focus to lead generation. Fill your pipeline with good quality leads and you will find that perfect customer.

I Can Help You Find Your Perfect Customer

I help logistics and transportation companies grow through innovative lead generation and sales strategies. I can show you the way to more sales leads, better quality leads, and a higher sales conversion rate.

If you are interested in knowing more please contact me at [email protected] or 517.375.0631 mobile.