About Us

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What We Do

The Logistics of Logistics helps transportation and logistics companies increase their sales. Our multifaceted sales improvement strategy results in:

  1. Increased number and quality of sales leads coming to the sales group.
  2. More effective sales people as they complete our comprehensive sales development program that includes sales personality assessment, training, coaching and ongoing online support.
  3. Greater influence (and more sales) through positioning, specialization, content marketing and web presence.

How We Do It

We help our clients increase their sales by:

  1. Websites that convert visitors to customers. We develop websites that target your ideal customer, communicate your expertise and capture sales leads.
  2. Digital marketing that articulates your message, provides a sales platform, helps you build a following, nurtures prospects into customers.
  3. Sales training and development that includes a sales person personality assessment, one on one sales coaching, transportation / logistics specific training and online skills building tools that for life.
  4. Articulating your company’s unique competitive advantage and expertise. We help our clients identify their ideal customer, develop a specialization and dominate a niche.

Who We Are

We are trainers, coaches and consultants who deliver sales training development programs. Our sales and coaching programs are specifically designed for sales professionals who sell transportation, logistics, warehousing, supply chain, or technology services.

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The Logistics of Logistics offers a comprehensive sales and marketing program specifically developed for 3PL sales leaders. The customized program teaches 21st century sales skills and utilizes a unique blend of sales personality assessment, facilitation, training, coaching and online self-study.

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The Logistics of Logistics blog contains articles and insights into the transportation and logistics industry with a special focus on sales strategies. Our podcast includes interviews with 3PL industry leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.

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3PL Selection

Our core business is 3PL sales training and coaching. We know exactly what to look for in a transportation / logistics provider. If your company needs a new 3PL, we can help you choose the right one.

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We only work with transportation and logistics companies and we only work on sales strategies. Our proven process, will help you improve your credibility, get more leads and win more business.