Today, importing from China has become very common, as Chinese products have become fast sellers in global markets, making it even more essential to learn China importing basics. Factories in China manufacture a vast range of products at more cost effective prices, making it possible to order in bulk and sell at a higher profit margin in your own country. You will find people saying, “It is just so easy to import from China today,” but in reality, the vast possibilities now available make importing the right product at the right price harder than ever. Even in China, you will find poor quality second-grade products that could easily be mistaken for high quality ones, which makes it more important than ever to give careful attention to details when importing from China. If you want your buying experience to offer you value for money, it helps to be a smart shopper. This post will explore how to import from China safely.

China Importing Basics: Steps on How to Import From China That Safeguard Your Interests

When you import from China, the process by itself is not tough. You select a product, you negotiate a price, you choose the quantity, and you make an online payment. However, what is tricky is homing in on the right supplier, the right price, and ensuring quality.

Here is how to do it:

  • Choose only a reliable supplier, who offers not only affordable prices but will also display complete product descriptions on their website. Research online to find responsible suppliers who come with great references. You will find many Chinese websites selling the products you want to buy, but make sure you steer clear of those that don’t have graphics, drawings, and testimonials on their site and only have poor quality content to describe the products.
  • When you select a product, don’t be tempted to go with the cheapest supplier. Low price can often also mean low quality. So make sure that you choose only a reliable and responsible manufacturer who also gives you information about impressive presentation details along with packaging details.
  • When you import from China, ask for a guarantee on the quality-control check. This video can help you get a better idea about how the quality of Chinese goods can sometimes be questionable.
  • Do not skip out on checking certificates ensuring the manufacturer’s compliance with safety standards. Using safe and professional sourcing is the key to a good, long-term business association with your Chinese supplier.
  • Once you have chosen the product, make sure you order the right quantities. Keep in mind that many manufacturers will offer you higher discounts when you order in bulk, so negotiate a price that offers you most value for your money for 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Keep the shipping costs in mind when you place your order to import from China. This will be impacted by the number and size of products you order, and it is possible to get discounts on shipping if you do a thorough research on the subject online.

Other things to keep in mind when you import from China will include asking for samples of the products to check first-hand if the manufacturing quality meets with your own quality standards, checking delivery timelines, asking for information on payment gateways, checking up on taxes levied when importing from China, and drop shipping costs. By ensuring that you do thorough research and background checks, you can greatly simplify your experience of importing goods from China and reduce all possible risk of fraud.

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