Developing a Better Logistics Strategy

As featured in Inbound Logistics, this article shares some experts’ tips about developing a winning logistics strategy. Here’s a preview of some of the valuable advice they share.

Tips From Logistics Experts

Rick D. Blasgen, the president and CEO of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals in Illinois, USA, shares that his top tip is to acquire an experienced individual in the logistics industry, someone who has well-developed interpersonal and leadership skills, is well-connected in the logistics/supply chain world, and good financial understanding.

Tim Garcia is the founder and CEO of Apptricity, a leading logistics and supply chain management software solutions provider that boasts well-known clients such as Walmart Stores, AT&T and the Department of Defense. He explores the increasing importance of innovation and investing in a good supply chain management system and careful pre-planning to mitigate potential negative consequences from supply chain disruptions.

Samuel Levin, cofounder and managing director at MavenWire LLC, advises companies to focus on their competencies and narrow their focus when beneficial, instead of trying to “do it all,” outsourcing activities that could keep the company from recognizing its full potential in developing the best logistics processes.

Dr. McKay, CEO for MJMcKay Consulting Corporation, warns against how micromanagement and internal company politics can hamper developing the best logistics strategy. He suggests hiring logistics managers who are in tune with how logistics can support the company’s strategy and are also empowered to make decisions “without asking permission.”

Nick Martyn, CEO and Founder of RiskLogik, stresses the importance of resilience in supply chain development. He recommends maintaining flexibility by having back-up options for suppliers and modes of transport and keeping some extra parts on hand, in addition to running scenarios to determine weak nodes in the network.

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