How CRM can (finally) Increase Transportation Sales with Troy Goode, CTO

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Podcast Summary:

In this podcast, Joe interviews Troy Goode, Co-Founder and CTO of Lanetix, about why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is software is such a challenge for transportation and logistics companies.  (Hint:  Its not just you.) . Troy oversees the Lanetix product management, user design and engineering teams at Lanetix, the only CRM software developed for the logistics and transportation industry. An experienced software developer, Troy is a proponent of “intuitive and beautiful software products” who most recently lead the engineering team at Eloqua, acquired by Oracle. Troy grew up in Virginia and studied computer science at Fairmont State University. Troy began his career building pick and pack systems for Kroger’s first online grocery shopping experience in the late 90’s and has worked in CRM software for over a decade.

About Lanetix:

Lanetix is the world’s only CRM software exclusively for the global logistics and transportation industry. The Lanetix suite of software increases RFP bid desk and global tender win rates, drives customer accountability while reducing fall downs, eliminates scope creep and compresses the QBR process from months to days. Freight forwarders, carriers, domestic brokerage, LTL and intermodal providers turn to Lanetix, instead of one-size-fits-all CRM’s built for discrete product manufacturers. With flagship customers such as DHL, Kuehne + Nagel, Li and Fung Logistics – and thousands of subscribers across Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East –  Lanetix is backed by Salesforce Ventures, Vertical Ventures, B-Capital, Jackson Square Ventures, Primera Capital and Manzanita Capital. Learn more at

Click the link to learn more about LxRoadFreight, the customer relationship management (CRM) software specifically designed for Domestic Freight Trucking and Brokerage companies

Podcast Show Notes:

  • 00:44 – Joe welcomes Troy to the show.
  • 01:47 – How Troy went from growing up in Virginia to co-founding a CRM company in San Francisco.
  • 02:43 – What is a CRM?
    • The evolution of CRM.
    • Pulling in leads and making them a customer for life.
  • 04:50 – Benefits of CRM.
    • Advantages that can be seen by an individual salesperson.
    • The coming together of two different CRM systems.
    • Advantages that can be seen by a sales manager.
    • Advantages that can be seen by senior management.
    • The importance of having accurate information.
  • 09:08 – Using email marketing.
    • Modernization of commercial processes in sales organizations.
    • Using analytics to decide who to market to and when.
  • 13:59 – Creating a new CRM model.
    • Another Lanetix co-founder advocating for the use of their CRM in the early days.
    • Lanetix catering only to the transportation and logistics industry.
    • Why Lanetix was created.
    • Affecting change within an organization.
  • 21:35 – Other California tech companies.
    • Disrupters vs. enablers.
    • Internet tracking and analytics.
    • Using data to stay competitive.
  • 25:22 – Business rules.
    • Making sure that the technology is used for good, not evil.
    • Email and Microsoft Excel as unstructured tools.
    • Structured data.
    • Bridging the gap between the thing that you’ll be happy using but won’t solve the problem and the thing you’ll hate to use but will solve the problem.
    • Working with a company that understands the industry.
  • 32:37 – Troy’s closing remarks.
    • An upcoming CRM solution from Lanetix.
    • Hidden costs in other CRM software.

Topic Takeaways:

  • The use of CRM is critical to any company looking to increase sales.
  • By using a CRM, transportation and logistics companies can increase sales effectiveness and efficiency.
  • One size fits all CRM solutions do not provide the same results as industry specific CRM solutions, which is why Lanetix launched a CRM especially developed for transportation and logistics companies.
  • “Data is the new oil” – Troy Goode

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