Logistics Negotiations

How did you prepare for your last logistics negotiation?  Did you practice your eagle eye glares so you could intimidate your carrier rep?  Perhaps you thought positive thoughts and visualized great rates.

There seems to be lots of opinions about logistics negotiation, but not very much research.  Wouldn’t it be nice to enter your next logistics negotiation with some more negotiating know how?

Understanding What Works in Logistics Negotiations

Well forget all the negotiating myths you might have heard and read this excellent research on logistics negotiations by my friend, Heather Monteiro.  Heather is a Logistics instructor at Georgia Southern University and a researcher at the Georgia Center for Innovation in Logistics.  One of Heather’s areas of study is logistics negotiation.

A few months ago, Heather surveyed over 150 logistics companies to determine what types of power works in logistics negotiation.  Heather surveyed purchasers or influencers of purchasing of logistics services, including but not limited to shippers, 3PLs and other types of carriers.  I am proud to say that many readers of this blog participated in Heather’s study.

She evaluated the three categories of power: organizational, relational, and individual, to discover how companies most often influence superior supplier performance when it comes to logistics negotiation.

Logistics Negotiation Success

To succeed in the logistics business, companies need to partner with other logistics companies.  Partnering means lots of negotiations on everything from service, to payment terms, transportation modes, and of course cost.

Understanding the right way to negotiate will enable you to confidently engage in your next negotiation.

Logistics Negotiation Study Findings: Strong Relationships Lead to Supplier Performance

To receive a free copy of this valuable free guide, enter your contact information below and click “Submit.”  Heather has summarized her extensive research into this easy to read 8 page guide.