Overcoming Last Mile Challenges with Israel Duanis

Israel Duanis and Joe Lynch discuss overcoming last mile challenges. Israel is the Vice President of the Logistics and Last Mile Delivery Platforms at Via, where he oversees all facets of Via’s logistics-related business.

About Israel Duanis

Israel Duanis is the Vice President of the Logistics and Last Mile Delivery Platforms at Via, the leader in TransitTech, where he oversees all facets of Via’s logistics-related business. Via’s logistics and last mile delivery team provides solutions that improve the efficiency, sustainability, and scale of current logistics operations for retailers, operators, and government entities — in addition to helping these partners expand to new offerings for the emerging home delivery sector. Prior to Via, Israel was the CEO and co-founder of Fleetonomy, an intelligent logistics and fleet management software company that was acquired by Via in 2020. Israel received his B.Sc. in Physics, Math and Computer Science from The Hebrew University and his M.S in System Engineering from The Technion. He is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he lives with his family.

About Via Logistics

Via Logistics provides end-to-end technology that will enable operators, retailers, government entities and more to serve more customers with fewer vehicle miles traveled. With 150+ partnerships around the globe, Via‘s advanced delivery platform can do what no other platform can: manage deliveries seamlessly, allowing partners to have full control and visibility into its operations while keeping customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability top of mind.

Key Takeaways: Overcoming Last Mile Challenges

  • Israel Duanis is the VP of Logistics and Delivery Platforms at Via, which provides an advanced delivery platform that enables retailers and carriers to manage last mile deliveries seamlessly, with full control and visibility into its operations. Via’s platform enables their customers (retailers, last mile carriers, etc.) to deliver a world class delivery experience, while minimizing environmental impact.
  • As consumers increasingly choose to have their purchases delivered to their homes, retailers and ecommerce companies are faced with a decision – use delivery services like DoorDash, Instacart, and Shipt to manage the delivery or manage the delivery internally. It is not an easy choice.
  • If the retailer decides to partner with a delivery service they risk losing some control over the transaction. For example, if a person buying groceries online chooses to process the transaction via Shipt, the consumer is using the Shipt app, and interacting with Shipt people. The grocer loses a valuable interaction with the customer and may even lose customer data.
  • On the other hand, if the retailer decides to manage deliveries internally, they are faced with starting and managing a delivery business that requires advanced routing technology to run effectively and efficiently.
  • Via is the answer for many retailers because they provide a white-label routing technology solution that enables retailers to run their own delivery network. Partnering with Via also means retailers can focus on their core business rather than trying ramp up a freight tech development group.
  • Via also provides a world-class routing technology solution for last-mile delivery services. To succeed in the last-mile delivery business, carriers must be effective (deliver on-time) and efficient (using the fewest resources especially time and fuel).
  • Via’s routing solutions are used all over the world and enable companies large and small to deliver efficient and scalable last-mile deliveries.

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