3PL Sales Training and Coaching

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A Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Program Specifically Developed for 3PL Sales Leaders

Selling 3PL services is tough and it is even tougher if you are stuck using old school tactics like cold calling, list buying and trying to be everything to everyone.

There is a better way!

The 3PL Sales Success Program will teach you 21st century sales skills that will build your credibility, increase your sales leads and accelerate your sales success.

This innovative program is a 12-week course that utilizes a unique blend of sales personality assessment, facilitation, training, coaching and online self-study.

  • Personal sales assessment and coaching designed to maximize your sales strengths and minimize your blind spots
  • Training on lead generation strategies that includes web presence, content marketing, social media, personal branding, lead generation and sales training to accelerate your sales
  • Identify your ideal customer and their greatest needs
  • Determine your competitive advantage, specialization and niche
  • Build your credibility, define your brand, tell your story and get more sales leads
  • Master the sales process and engage like an expert
  • Create a sales and marketing action plan and gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to execute it
Business owners, sales managers, sales and marketing teams and new hires who want to:

  • Jump-start their company’s sales lead generation and revenues
  • Develop their 21st sales skills and build influence in the transportation and logistics industry
  • Maximize individual sales strengths and account for blind spots
  • Learn the latest trends — supply chain, transportation and logistics

Note: The sales strategies taught in this program will work for everyone in the logistics space including: asset based, non-asset based, transportation, warehousing, technology and special services.

The program utilizes a combination of personal growth methodologies:

  • Individual assessment. Using a state of the art, online assessment tool, you will identify the unique strengths and blind spots of your sales personality. The assessment includes a one on one executive coaching session with leverage your results.
  • 3PL Sales Training. Learn proven sales techniques, online lead generation and the keys to building influence
  • One on one sales coaching. Throughout the program, you will receive further executive coaching to apply the learning to your individual sales needs.  
  • Facilitated action planning. Co-create your road map to sales success, which will include your plan for lead generation, personal branding, specialization, sales and interpersonal skills development.
  • Web-based development. Access to a web based development tool that is customized to everyone’s individual sales type – lifetime access enable participants to continuously hone their sales presence and interpersonal skills
  • Visibility. In a crowded market like transportation and logistics, you need to cut through the clutter and be seen.
  • Communicate. Once you are visible to your prospective customers, you need to build a two way communication channel. You want to understand their problems and buying motivations and you want to explain what makes you different and better.
  • Be viewed as an expert. Most likely you are an expert, but who knows it? Learn to share your expertise with a larger audience. Sharing your expertise will make you more credible and lead to more sales.
  • Build a tribe. We will teach you to gain followers who see the world the way you do. These people will become your tribe. As you share your knowledge with your tribe, the connection grows. Naturally, some of your tribe will become partners and customers.
  • Sell more. The program will help you build your credibility, get more leads and ultimately make more sales.


We only work with transportation and logistics companies and we only work on sales strategies. Our proven process, will help you improve your credibility, get more leads and win more business.