3PL Sales Training and Coaching

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The Logistics of Logistics provides sales training and coaching programs specifically designed for sales professionals who sell transportation, logistics, warehousing, supply chain, or technology services.

Our signature program, 21st Century Sales Skills for Transportation and Logistics Professionals is a customized program consisting of sales training, one-on-one coaching, an individualized sales personality assessment and online learning.

21st Century Sales Skills for Transportation and Logistics Professionals

Training Topics

  • Ways to compete and win in the ultra-competitive 3PL market
  • Overview of the 3PL business including all the service offerings (warehousing, transportation, logistics, technology, etc.) and supply chain trends
  • Identify your ideal customer, their buying behaviors and ways to connect with them
  • Developing a niche that will help you attract the right kind of customers
  • Creating a personal brand and becoming a recognized expert
  • Using LinkedIn and social media to nurture connections into sales
  • Identifying different personality types and modifying communication accordingly
  • Mastering the sales process and asking the right questions
  • Developing and presenting proposals that win business

One-on-One Coaching

In addition to the sales training, each participant will have three (3) coaching sessions with a Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

  • Individualized sales personality assessment (strengths and weaknesses) based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Develop personal branding that will make you stand out from the crowd and attract favorable attention
  • Create a plan of action to leverage what you have learned (execute!)

Program Duration

The program typically lasts about 10 weeks. Since the coaching sessions are by appointment, some participants may not complete the program until a week or so later.

Program Delivery

The program consists of the following:

Nine (9) Live, Interactive Training Sessions delivered via Webinar

The entire program is delivered remotely so, you will not have to travel and neither do we. Each session is recorded so if you can’t make it to one of the sessions, you can watch the recording when you have time. No special equipment required – if you have a computer and a phone, you are good to go.

Three (3) One-on-One Coaching Sessions with an Executive Coach

Effective salespeople have great interpersonal and influencing skills. In this program, participants will learn their sales personality types including their strengths and weaknesses. Using this knowledge, the coach and participant will develop plan to leverage strengths and address weaknesses. There will also be coaching sessions on personal branding (LinkedIn) and action planning.

Lifetime Access to Training Materials to Maximize Personal Growth, Influence, and Communication Skills

Learning should be a lifetime endeavor and with this sales program, participants will have lifetime access to personality assessments, sales training videos and other personal development materials. The website is continuously updated to include cutting edge information on interpersonal skills, personal performance and influencing others.

Who is Leading the Program?

The program will be co-facilitated by Joe Lynch and Ann Holm. Ann and Joe have worked together for over 8 years and have helped dozens of transportation and logistics clients grow their sales.

Joe Lynch, 3PL industry veteran, supply chain expert, and experienced sales trainer will deliver the nine (9) sales training sessions.

Ann Holm, Professional Certified Coach, Myers Briggs Master Practitioner, brain expert who has significant experience working with transportation and logistics clients will conduct the three (3) coaching sessions.



We only work with transportation and logistics companies and we only work on sales strategies. Our proven process, will help you improve your credibility, get more leads and win more business.