My name is Joe Lynch and I appreciate you visiting my blog.  I’ve always believed that the best way to get things done is to get the smart people involved, brainstorm some game changing ideas and then execute.  With this philolosophy in mind, I created this blog to connect with some smart people and brainstorm some great ideas ( I will leave the execution part for the day job).

For my day job, I am the General Manager at Rock Solid Business Solutions, a logistics provider based in Brighton, Michigan.  At Rock Solid, we provide customized logistics solutions for our clients.  Clients typically hire us to improve their service, reduce their costs and free up their internal team from logistics hassle.  We have a great team and I am very proud of the work we do for our clients.

Prior to joining Rock Solid, I gained some really great experience that has been really helpful to me in my current role.  I started my career working for my dad’s engineering business where we designed and developed new products, mostly for Ford Motor Company.  During my seven years at the company I did everything from grunt work to account managment to running the company’s day to day operations during my father’s extended illness.

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After I wore out my welcome at dad’s company, I had a series of my positions that helped me become a product development expert.  I worked first as a CAD manager, before being promoted to design release engineer and finally to program manager.  During this time, I had the opportunity to manage automotive launches in both Thailand and China for Chrysler and their Asian partners.

After way too much travel to Asia, I switched gears and went to work as an operations / management consultant.  I worked with both big companies and small on a variety of projects.  Most of my projects were for Chrysler and involved bringing products to market faster, better and cheaper.  For all its problems, automtotive is hyper competitive and I learned a lot about reducing costs, improving processes and leading change initiatives.  On one of my last engagements, I facilitated value stream mapping workshops for Chrysler’s biggest suppliers (Magna, TRW, Bosch, etc.).

The goal of value stream mapping is to reduce the cost and time required to deliver the product and I soon realized that a big part of the savings opportunity was in the area of logistics.  This discovery got the wheels turning, and before long I left the wonderful world of automotive behind and joined the Rock Solid team!

I am always looking for feedback and friends.

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