What is Shipping Claim Filing Software?

Most shippers are familiar with Transportation Management Systems, and Warehouse Management Systems, but what is shipping claim filing software?

Shipping claim filing software is a system that helps you to file and manage freight claims. The system consists of the following elements:

  •  A user interface where the user enters the information
  • A searchable database for the information and supporting documents
  • Reminder & productivity features
  • Shipping claim letter templates
  • Reporting features

 Why Use Shipping Claim Filing Software?

The costs involved with shipping claims add up in several ways – there’s the cost of the damaged products themselves, the labor costs of filing the claims, even office expenses like printing and postage to mail the claim forms. Shipping claim filing software helps to reduce these costs in the following ways:

1. Labor costs

Shipping claim filing software streamlines the filing process by consolidating steps. For example, when you type in your claim information, the software will organize your data for your records at that same time that it generates a claim form for your carrier. The form will also auto-populate with previously entered information to speed data entry. Using various methods like these, software typically reduces filing time from a couple hours to 10 – 15 minutes per claim.

2. Office Expenses

With email, online banking, and smart phones, businesses are going paperless wherever possible – because it’s cheaper and more convenient. Shipping claim filing software allows you to more easily email freight claim forms and eliminate the costs of paper and postage.

3. Reducing Loss and Damage

How can software meant to file shipping claims reduce loss and damage? By storing your claim information in a database, the software allows you to analyze your data to find trends in where your loss and damage is occurring. For example, you might discover a poorly packaged product or a carrier that produces more claims than others.

Who Should Use Shipping Claim Filing Software

Whether or not shipping claim filing software will benefit an organization depends largely on the number of claims that they’re managing. If they file fewer than 10 claims per month, or if they’re already fairly efficient at filing, then they’re probably fine to continue with manual methods. If they’re filing more often than that, or if the claims take more than 15 minutes each to file, then shipping claim filing software could be beneficial.

What to Look for In Shipping Claim Filing Software:

If you are considering shipping claim filing software, here are 3 elements to look for:

1. Shipping Claim Data Mining Capabilities

A key benefit of a shipping claim solution is the ability to mine your claims for data that you can use to prevent further loss and damage. Make sure that the system that you’re considering has all the reports and filtering tools that you’ll need to analyze your data.

2. User-Friendly

The software should make your life easier – not more difficult. Make sure that you find software that is intuitive, easy to learn, and easy to use. Also consider the company’s customer service. Do they provide software and user support? Do they include user training in the cost of the software? The company should also allow you to do a trial to test the software for yourself before you commit.

3. Software Company Reputation

Make sure you’re working with a good company. Have they been in business for a couple months or a couple decades? Who are their other clients? Ask to see some testimonials. A good company will have lots of happy clients who are willing to share their praise.

What are your challenges with shipping claim filing & management? Do you know how much shipping claims are costing you? How much time does your company spend filing claims? Let us know in the comments.

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