The FarEye Story With Kushal Nahata

Kushal Nahata and Joe Lynch discuss the FarEye story. Kushal is the CEO and Co-founder of FarEye, a company that enables enterprises to deliver at reduced cost with a superior customer experience.

About Kushal Nahata

As the CEO, Kushal is responsible for driving the vision, strategy, and growth at FarEye. A dynamic leader, Kushal drives the culture of ‘customer-first’ at FarEye which enables the team to deliver value to FarEye’s 150+ clients globally. He is an effervescent thinker who is passionate about enabling the digital transformation in the logistics industry and making it customer-centric. He is constantly working towards empowering companies to champion operational efficiency and customer experience. Under his leadership, FarEye has achieved an impressive growth rate with rapid geographical expansion. Kushal enjoys training budding entrepreneurs and guiding them through their journey. He has been mentioned in the coveted 40under40 list by Business World and The Top 25 Software CEOs of Asia for 2020 by The Software Report.

About FarEye

FarEye’s Intelligent Delivery Management Platform is making the delivery experience better for everyone. FarEye enables enterprises to deliver at reduced cost with a superior customer experience. The low-code approach provides an environment to develop applications with a quick turn-around time and minimal code to shorten the “concept to ship” cycle. The platform leverages millions of data points to predict the shipment journey and improve the delivery experience. FarEye helps companies orchestrate, track and optimize their logistics operations. The company’s flagship logistics management software supports the entire supply chain — from first-mile seller pickups to last-mile delivery — to provide end-to-end logistics visibility, reduce operational costs and improve customer experience.

Key Takeaways: The FarEye Story

  • Kushal Nahata is the Co-founder and CEO of FarEye, a delivery management platform that leverages technology to provide low-cost, efficient, and sustainable shipping to ecommerce companies.
  • In the podcast interview, Kushal describes how he and his partners founded FarEye in 2013 and expanded the company to over 50 countries worldwide.
  • Kushal and his partners founded FarEye in India, but soon found their customers were asking them to support them in other countries. Today, FarEye operates out of 6 offices located in New Delhi, Singapore, London, Manchester, Dubai, and Chicago.
  • FarEye’s delivery management platform includes the following solutions:
    • Intelligent Delivery Orchestration
      • Real-time last mile visibility
      • Last mile operational control with shipment status check-in calls
      • Day-to-day operational clarity for drivers and increased operational efficiency (number of deliveries, fuel etc.)
    • Intelligent Delivery Visibility
      • Multimodal visibility across air, ocean, rail, road, parcel and intermodal logistics
      • Parcel visibility using order ID, purchase order or SKU number
      • Yard visibility and control tower visibility
      • Carrier and route performance visibility
      • Sustainability dashboard for carbon emission control and visibility
      • Dynamic appointment scheduling
      • Data analytics, exceptions and alerts
    • Intelligent Customer Experience
      • Flexible and self-service slot booking for deliveries & returns
      • Instant order-level track and trace capabilities
      • Special delivery instructions(pickups, drop offs, messaging)
      • Secure & seamless communication with drivers
      • Digital proof of delivery and customer feedback
      • Wallet integrations
      • Personalized product recommendations
      • Safe & compliant deliveries

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