Three Essential Warehouse Skills

After working in a warehouse for a few months I have come to realize that there are three main warehouse skills that make a good employee.  An individual must have all three of these skills in order to preform efficiently in a warehouse.


Speed is an essential skill needed when working inside a warehouse.  Productivity should be constantly assessed by management on an individual basis for each worker.  This way, slow employees can be weeded out early on, rather than affecting overall production and losing the company a lot of money.  Also, good performance can be rewarded with incentives that will motivate employees to work hard.


The most important warehouse skill needed is accuracy.  Any errors created in the warehouse can cost the company a lot to fix.  Speed is still an important skill and should be constantly improved.  But the extra time to double check your work will help increase your accuracy and benefit the company.


Another great warehouse skill for employees and managers is the ability to prioritize.  On a typical day you may be faced with multiple tasks that must be completed by certain times.  Prioritization becomes essential so that more important objectives can be completed with little to no problems.  An example of such a situation would be when a truck leaves at a certain time and all of those orders must be on it before it leaves.  In certain time crunches, employees may be asked to drop what they’re doing so that they can assist with more important tasks.

It is up to management to find a way to monitor these skills so that areas of weakness can be worked on or cut out.  They should create goals for productivity and accuracy on an individual basis.  Constant improvements should be made to processes so that the wanted level of productivity and accuracy can be obtained.  Incentives should be given out for good performance and in the end will actually save the company a lot of labor costs.  With these three warehouse skills, the efficiency of a warehouse can become better utilized and costs will reduce as well.

About the Author:                                                 

Dylan Hunt – Student at Grand Valley State University.  Double majoring in “Management Information Systems” and “Marketing Distribution and Logistics”.