The Logistics of Logistics magazine has officially launched! While Elon Musk and his SpaceX crew launching a Tesla into space got a little more press than our launch, my merry band of collaborators and I are thrilled none the less.

So Why Launch a Magazine?

Below are the reasons we launched The Logistics of Logistics Magazine.

More Eyeballs for Our Clients

Over the past four years, our mission at The LoL has been to help transportation and logistics companies sell more of their services through digital marketing and sales training/coaching. The magazine is an extension of that mission. Our clients want to share their expertise and attract more customers and we want to help them do just that.

Pace of Supply Chain Innovation Increasing

Having worked in both the supply chain and logistics business for longer than I care to admit, I have seen lots of change, but nothing like we are experiencing today. Innovations like Uberization, blockchain, autonomous vehicles, mobility, artificial intelligence are going to transform the business landscape. We want to be part of that change. We want to create a forum for sharing new ideas and new best practices. We want to connect our readers to the innovators and vice versa.

A Different Voice in the Market

The Logistics of Logistics started as a blog written by a supply chain and logistics guy (me). I am not a professional writer and certainly not a journalist. I want to embrace that difference. The goal is to bring great news and insights, but in a very accessible, fun, authentic way. I don’t like jargon, boring or salesy, so I will try to limit that kind of content. I want to publish a great magazine written for and by supply chain and logistics people.

Join Us

We don’t want to go it alone. We are looking for collaborators, readers, writers, sponsors and anybody else who wants to come along for the ride.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Thanks and best regards,

Joe Lynch

[email protected]