About this Blog

Logistics is Simple…Right?

Logistics means having the right thing, at the right place at the right time.  Sounds simple, but to meet the needs of our ever expanding world, logistics has gotten pretty complex and it can be confusing especially to people who aren’t in the logistics world.  The goal of this blog is to demystify and explain logistics, create a community of like minded people and build some lasting business relationships.

Logistics for Humans

I am writing this blog with the non logistics person in mind.  I want to keep the jargon out and the real simple communication in.  In my day job, I run across a lot of jargon and acronyms that usually have to be translated for my clients.  Jargon, acronyms and complexity creep into every industry and they most likely serve a purpose, but my purpose is to connect with and educate business people who just want their stuff moved on-time and for a good price.

It’s All About the Money…Kinda

Shippers want to save some money (without sacrificing service) and logistics guys like me want to make money – no secret there.  In addition to making money, I also like to work with people I know and trust.  I want this blog to help me and others to connect with friends who can become clients, partners and service providers.  The best way to solve problems is to get the right people involved in the conversation and I hope to get that conversation rolling.