At The Logistics of Logistics, we believe that the web offers the very best way to grow your 3PL sales, yet very few transportation companies are fully leveraging this wonderful lead generation tool. Instead, they continue to buy useless lists, make unsolicited cold calls, while they race to the bottom on pricing. These outdated lead generation and sales processes are annoying to your prospects and painful for your sales team.

There is a better way…

Think about your most recent big purchase whether it be a new home, vacation, car or college for your kid. How did you begin your buying research?

Chances are, your research began with a search on Google, Bing, Yahoo or some other search engine. You were looking for expert advice that would help you make the right decision.

Shippers are no different! They are looking for experts online, but if you have an out of date website or me too messaging, shippers will not find you.

We can help. The Logistics of Logistics offers websites, digital marketing and sales training specifically designed for logistics, transportation and 3rd party logistics providers. We will help you target your ideal client, get more and higher quality leads and ultimately win more business.

Our Services


Our digital marketing will help you identify and connect with your ideal client. We will help you share your expertise, attract and capture the right kind of leads, which will result in more sales.



We build websites that convert visitors into customers. We will help you tell your company’s story, highlight your company’s expertise and capture good quality leads for your sales team.



The 3PL Sales Success Program is a 12-week program that utilizes a unique blend of assessment, facilitation, training and executive coaching. The program provides a proven approach to driving 3PL sales growth.


Learn how to get more sales leads for your 3PL

Grow Your Sales

“The guys at The Logistics of Logistics taught us how to sell online. They are excellent web developers and marketers. Within a few months of our website relaunch, we have greatly increased the number and quality of our sales leads. We have gained at least 3 new clients and realized a great ROI. If you need to increase your sales, I highly recommend The Logistics of Logistics.”

Dan Rimkus, Owner and President of Dynamic 3PL

3PL Sales: Hunting vs Farming

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Sex and the Single 3PL Salesman

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We only work with transportation and logistics companies and we only work on sales strategies. Our proven process, will help you improve your credibility, get more leads and win more business.