Original article: Warner’s Top Transportation & Logistics Influencers

In light of the global environment in the past year and a half, we listed the top transportation & logistics influencers. The road hasn’t been easy for the transportation and logistics industries. With evolving business models, changes in customer expectations, to technology advancements, the transportation and logistics sectors remain in the spotlight. While these massive industries deal with overcoming hurdles and immense pressure they are forging ahead and continuing to grow. In fact, the logistics market is expected to reach US$6.9 Trillion by 2026 according to IMARC Group and the overall total U.S. miles of freight is expected to reach 7.67 trillions of ton-miles by 2045 (Statista). To fully understand the transportation and logistics landscape and influence in a beneficial way, it takes strategic thinking, experience and willingness to listen to others who are in the trenches. While there are many more, We’ve have outlined the top transportation & logistics influencers below (in alphabetical order) we see making an impact and invite you to follow them.

Steve Banker

Steve Banker

VP, ARC Advisory Group and Columnist, Forbes With in-depth research experience in logistics, transportation management, and managed transportation services, Steve’s writing and analysis are go-to resources for logistics and transportation professionals. Steve works closely with leading manufacturers, retailers, logistics service providers, and technology firms. In addition to having a weekly column in Logistics Viewpoints he also has a regular Forbes column where he covers imperative industry topics including important trends, developments, and any recommended actions professionals in the industry should take.


rideshare A

Harry Campbell

Founder, The Ride Share Guy An expert in ridesharing, Harry educates drivers that work for companies such as Lyft and Uber, by providing news, insight and advice. With years of rideshare driver experience under his belt, he understands the transportation landscape, tools to navigate the arena and helps those in the rideshare industry work smarter not harder.



Chris Caplice

Executive Director, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics; Senior Research Scientist, MIT Chris is responsible for the planning and management of the research, education, and corporate outreach programs. He is also the Founder and Co-Director of the MIT FreightLab – a research initiative that works on improving the way freight transportation is designed, procured, and managed. Chris’s primary research covers all aspects of freight transportation including combinatorial procurement auctions, robust planning, portfolio management, performance metrics, and infrastructure design.


cassandra gaines

Cassandra Gaines

Transportation Lawyer & Risk Consultant, Gaines Law Group An entrepreneur, transportation law expert and transportation industry influencer, Cassandra was recently named one of the 100 People Transforming Business in North America by Business Insider. She disrupts the transportation industry with a lively show called “MadGaines Live” and provides education through podcasts, live shows and coaching services for companies and individuals throughout the country.



Ed Garsten

Contributor, Forbes Covering the auto industry since 1989, Ed’s experience includes being the national auto writer for the Associated Press, General Motors beat writer at the Detroit News and video reporter at Automotive News. If you’re interested in knowing more about the transportation industry, flying cars, electric vehicles, sustainable transportation, and the future of transportation, be sure to follow Ed.


Martijn Graat

Martijn Graat

Founder, LogisticsMatter How can AR improve warehouse management? What are the latest challenges and opportunities for logistics? What are the benefits of hyper-automation? These and more are all questions Martijn’s news platform covers. Martijn is also the host of Does Logistics Matter? Podcast, which focuses on trends and innovations in supply chain and logistics.


Joe Lynch

Joe Lynch Host, Logistics of Logistics Podcast Using his in-depth logistics and supply chain experience, Joe is host of one of the top ranked logistics podcasts interviewing logistics, transportation, and supply chain industry leaders about innovation, technology, trends, and the future of freight. In addition to the podcast, Joe also works closely with supply chain companies (shippers) and 3PLs. Prior to the podcast Joe served as GM and COO for a non-asset based 3PL and led a supply chain consultancy, focused on the automotive sector.


paul page wsj

Paul Page

Logistics Report Editor, The Wall Street Journal Overseeing the WSJ’s Logistics Report, Paul keeps a constant pulse on the sector with hard facts and insightful commentary. From covering best practices, trends and more, he is a dependable resource in a rapidly changing industry.


evan JLE

Evan Pohaski

Founder, President & CEO, JLE Industries A background in hospitality is the ticket to Evan’s success in running JLE Industries. With humble beginnings, Evan grew the logistics and transportation company that specializes in long haul flatbed routes from one truck and trailer to 300+. He is passionate about putting his employees – the drivers first. The company’s proprietary DriverOS technology proves to be a winning solution to provide drivers better freight and get customers more reliable service. JLE has since been recognized as one of the fastest growing trucking companies and largest flatbed-for-hire carriers in the nation.


Matt of arrive

Matt Pyatt

CEO, Arrive Logistics Defining a new and higher standard for freight experience, Matt leads the freight brokerage in optimizing operations, identifying efficiencies, building technology and delivering innovation. He spearheads a team of industry experts to solve the inefficiencies in freight management with unparalleled service, seamless tech capabilities and custom solutions. Arrive has been recognized by Inc. as both a Best Workplace and an Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Company.


Sanjay of Roambee

Sanjay Sharma

CEO, Roambee A strategic thought leader with over 17 years of entrepreneurial experience, Sanjay creates value through technology innovation to disrupt old school industries and domains. He helps clients purposely be in control of goods and assets with Roambee’s sensor hardware, cloud data analytics, and automation. This enables reliable monitoring and response – indoors, outdoors, and in-transit to bring visibility to a company’s supply chain and logistics challenges.


Original article: Warner’s Top Transportation & Logistics Influencers