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If you need to sell more 3PL services, you came to the right place…

Selling transportation and logistics services is hard. It is even harder if you don’t have good leads. The average 3PL salesman doesn’t get good quality leads so he fights an uphill battle to meet sales goals.

Cold calling, buying lists and networking are not enough…

Some 3PLs buy lists of companies who ship and call them leads. Of course, the same list was sold to hundreds of other 3PLs – what a waste of time!

There is a better way…

The best 3PLs use proven lead generation strategies to fill their sales pipeline. The best lead generation strategies also help build credibility, which is a valuable thing to have when selling.

I use these strategies to connect with thousands of prospects every week. I haven’t made a cold call in years.

Good lead generation takes some time and effort, but when done right it provides a sustainable source of good quality leads. Download the presentation and learn how to increase your credibility, get more leads, higher quality leads and ultimately more sales.

3PL Lead Generation Best Practices