DSW New Website 300x207DSW Distribution Centers, Inc., a 39 year old provider of cold storage in Southern California, has recently revealed a 100% completely overhauled website. DSW has always tried to stay 10 years ahead of the competition, and their new website is no exception. They have invested over $500,000 in their Rancho Cucamonga Distribution Center in the past year alone. The focus of DSW has always been providing a level of service second to none. Things like a Food & Pharmaceutical-Grade Clean Room on-site, e-commerce order fulfillment, over 15 State Board of Pharmacy Licenses and two Alcoholic Beverage Licenses is what keeps DSW at the top of the list for those shopping for a new refrigerated warehouse in Southern California. DSW started out with their first dry-storage facility in Anaheim, CA back in 1973. Shortly after launch, they opened a new warehouse offering multi-temperature storage in Anaheim. There were a few more moves and a few more warehouses opened throughout the 70′s, 80′s, and 90′s. Today DSW operates over 6.5 million cubic feet of multi-temperature controlled & multi-licensed warehousing in Southern California’s primary distribution hub of Rancho Cucamonga. DSW now provides their clients with “Real-Time Inventory Reporting,  Immediate Email Confirmations and 24/7 Visibility”. The new “My Account” feature allows clients to log in at any time to instantly view, download a spreadsheet, or print their current inventory levels. DSW also offers three KPI (Key Performance Index) reports:   DSW’s CUSTOMER PERFORMANCE REPORT shows monthly, quarterly, and annual product throughput in cases, hundred-weight, and pallets.  The report also tracks order information including average weights, cases, items, and orders per month.  All handling, storage, and special charges are listed for easy reference.  This report enables both DSW and you to track inventory turn rates, racked / floor stacked products, and cost per pallet. DSW’S ORDER PERFORMANCE REPORT audits order cycle time, on-time delivery rates, case fill, order exceptions (i.e. overages, shortages, damages upon delivery), and carrier usage information.  This report actually grades our efforts as your business partner….as well as enabling you to grade the performance of your people, brokers, carriers, and consignee habits. Our common goal is to deliver orders to our mutual end-customer on-time, damage free, and complete.  If deficiencies occur anywhere along the supply chain, specific reason codes identify them.  Working together, service failures are identified and fixed timely. DSW’s DAMAGE PERFORMANCE REPORT tracks all damage handled through our warehouses from ‘inbounding’ through ‘outbound loading’.  This report provides detailed information to further grade our performance as well as your suppliers and inbound carriers. We tell you why we think damage is happening so proactive measures can make a difference!   Source: DSWDist.com If you’re in the market for a new provider for your cold storage needs in Southern California, then I would strongly suggest heading over to http://dswdist.com and see what they can do for you. The President, COO Brad Thayer even lists his personal extension on their contact page as well as the top of every page of the new website.