Key Takeaways from Manifest with Pam Simon

Pam Simon and Joe Lynch discuss key takeaways from Manifest. Pam is the Conference Chair of Manifest a global logistics tech show bringing investors, leaders and innovators from around the world together.

About Pam Simon

Pam Simon is a successful entrepreneur and business connector with more than 15 years of experience in event production, content creation, experiential marketing and angel investing.  In 2019 Connectiv acquired her Future of Event series from Lab Ventures. She is the Conference Chair of Manifest a global logistics tech show bringing investors, leaders and innovators from around the world together. While a Partner at Lab Ventures Pam produced three major vertical technology summits ~ Future of Travel Tech, Future of Real Estate Tech and Future of Logistics Tech that bring new and emerging business to Miami.  With her vast executive network and her ability to span many different worlds, she specializes in linking finance professionals with entrepreneurs to create lucrative new business opportunities. While living in Brazil she founded LATAM Founders Network (LFN), the largest private network of CEO’s, Founders and Investors focused on the technology sector in Latin America. In 2014, Pam launched the LATAM Founders Awards, now known as the ‘Oscars for Technology in Latin America’ an event that recognizes the most disruptive and innovative companies in the region. Pam is a George Washington University Graduate and an angel investor.  She and her husband, Daniel Simon, have an 4 year old son, Hayden Storm Simon.

About Manifest: The Future of Logistics

The world of logistics is changing faster than ever. Technology advances plus rapidly changing consumer behavior has already dramatically changed how business gets done. Manifest will provide a focused look at what’s to come across the spectrum of LogisticsTech and which companies and technologies are transforming the way goods circumnavigate the globe. Manifest will help you forge new relationships, new alliances, and foster new strategies that help move your business forward and avoid falling into the traditional mindset.

About Connectiv

Connectiv is a live events studio that for the past decade has dedicated itself to creating industry leading gatherings. Our passion and our expertise is owning and operating at scale, vertical-specific conferences. The events we have created attract more than 15,000 people each year and touch on global industries impacting people’s daily lives.

Key Takeaways: Key Takeaways from Manifest 

  • Pam Simon is the EVP Programming & Content at Manifest, a conference designed for those at the forefront of the changing logistics landscape including industry executives, entrepreneurs, and investors.
  • Manifest: The Future of Logistics was held at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 25 to January 27, 2022.
  • The following are Pam’s key takeaways from the event:
    • Convergence of logistics, technology and investment professionals coming together to discuss the industry’s biggest challenges and opportunities.
    • Sustainability is gaining momentum in the logistics space. Senior executives from the logistics industry presented their sustainability goals and investments, while innovative players from the industry showcased their product offerings that will enable a carbon neutral future.
    • Really cool trucks were in attendance at Manifest including autonomous and electric vehicles. Attendees didn’t just get brochures and video demos about the future of trucking, they got to climb in the trucks and participate in ride-alongs.
    • The Women’s Luncheon was a big hit at Manifest and not just with the ladies. Over 40% of the attendees were men which reflects the industry’s growing demand for female talent. Top logistics companies want to better recruit, develop, and retain women executives – and Manifest is a great place to connect with those talented ladies.
    • Warehousing is increasingly a high tech business with the top companies investing in WMS, scanning technologies, robotics and automation. At the Manifest, top technology companies showed off their latest and great innovations.
    • Logistics is global and so was the Manifest conference, which attracted people from over 27 countries. Many innovative companies from outside the USA were delighted to connect directly with American logistics professionals. Conversely, logistics professionals were thrilled to be exposed to technologies and service offerings that have not yet reached the US market.
  • Ludacris was at Manifest

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