You read it right, let us screw up your shipment.

Don’t get me wrong, I despise screwed up shipments! Lost, damage and late shipments are the bane of my existence. Screwed up shipments cost us money, waste our time and hurt valuable client relationships.

As a logistics provider, we do a lot of shipping so we deal with more screw ups than most shippers. We really don’t want to screw up a shipment, but when it does happen (and it always does), we are just better equipped to fix the problem than the average shipper.

We have the processes, expertise and experience that enable us to solve the problem. Because we move so much freight, we have a lot leverage with the carriers along with good carrier relationships that help us quickly turn bad shipments around for our clients.

Bottom line, whether you manage freight yourself or contract with professional logistics companies, like Rock Solid, there are going to be bad shipments, but the difference is the professionals have the dedicated resources and experience to quickly resolve the issue.