Where We Are Today in the OTR Market and What Lies Ahead for Domestic Brokerages

My brilliant friends at Carrier Direct have published a great report on the U.S. over the road industry marketplace.  The report is titled “Where We Are Today in the U.S. OTR Market and What Lies Ahead for Domestic Brokerages.”

Carrier Direct is a unique company that helps carriers optimize their assets and helps 3PLs develop capabilities and strategic partnerships.  Carrier Direct has offices in Chicago, IL and Scottsdale, AZ.

Over the Road Industry Report

The well written, easy to read report is 25 pages and formatted in a PowerPoint presentation style.  The report has four sections.

The report begins with a few slides dedicated to the financial collapse of 2008-2009 and it’s lasting impact on the over the road (OTR) industry.  Wall Street’s historical valuations for truckload, LTL, asset-light and 3PLs companies is contained in this section.

Over the Road Industry – Carriers

From there, the authors give a solid overview of the truckload, less-than-truckload and asset-light markets.  For each of these markets, the key themes and top players are highlighted.  The case study of a successful asset-light carrier is particularly interesting.

Over the Road Industry – 3PLs and Domestic Brokerages

The majority of the presentation is dedicated to the domestic brokerage and 3PL market.  The 3PL and domestic brokerage market has grown rapidly.  In addition the growth, the market is also changing.  Shippers, carriers and logistics service providers will all be affected by these changes.

Carrier Direct’s report covers the trends changing the industry.  Trends covered include the following:

  • Rapidly changing and growing 3PL marketplace
  • 3PL market growth among both big and small shippers
  • Evolving shipper needs
  • The coming capacity truck capacity crunch
  • The changing relationship between 3PLs and carriers
  • 3PL service offerings
  • Key players in the 3PL market
  • Industry consolidation in the domestic brokerage marketplace

Bottom Line

If moving freight is part of your job, download this valuable report and get to know the guys at Carrier Direct.  Contact Erik Malin ([email protected]) and check them out at Carierdirect.co.

Download the Over the Road Industry Report by Carrier Direct