Shipper Pain Points with Brad Forester

Brad Forester and Joe Lynch discuss the shipper pain points. Brad is the Founder of JBF Consulting, which specialize in freight technology – strategy, system integration, implementation and deployment.

About Brad Forester

Brad Forester is the Founder and Managing Partner of JBF Consulting. Brad is a highly recognized senior supply chain leader with over 23 years of managing, designing, and implementing freight transport technology. He has a unique mix of carrier, shipper, software, and consulting experiences that benefit clients. With functional expertise in Global TMS Programs, Change Management, Organizational Design, and Systems Integration, he has been leveraging these skills to benefit clients since he founded JBF in 2003. Brad has a BA in Logistics Management from Michigan State University.

About JBF Consulting

JBF Consulting is a supply chain execution strategy and systems integrator for logistics-intensive companies of every size and any industry. JBF’s background and deep experience in the field of commercial logistics technology implementation position them as industry leaders whose craftsmanship exceeds client expectations. JBF expedites the transformation of supply chains through logistics & technology strategy, commercial & bespoke software implementation, and analytics & optimization.

Key Takeaways: Shipper Pain Points

  • Brad Forester is the Founder and Managing Partner of JBF Consulting, which helps shippers of all sizes and across many industries select, implement and squeeze as much value as possible out of their logistics systems.
  • In the podcast interview, Brad describes the 4 shipper pain points that he and the JBF team are hearing about from their customers who are large shippers.
  • The ocean shipping delays caused by the pandemic has disrupted supply chains. These disruptions have prompted large shippers and 3PLs to seek ocean and port visibility solutions.
  • Shippers are also looking for more small parcel and last mile solutions and the associated TMS system integrations.
  • As shippers have come to realize big gain in transportation efficiency and effectiveness via technology, they are looking for additional freight tech solutions. Companies like Emerge (freight procurement) and Turvo (TMS and collaboration) have created solutions that are solving new problems for shippers.
  • Some of the largest shippers were early adopters of freight technology like TMS. Many of these companies have been using TMS for long time, which mean they are using on-premise systems. As time goes on, TMS providers are trying to migrate these large shippers to the cloud, but given their huge shipping volumes and technology investments, the process is difficult, costly, and time-consuming.
  • JBF Consulting works with shippers to solve the problems described above. Since JBF only works on logistics and supply chain technology, they have the expertise and experience to solve even the most difficult challenges.

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