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The Logistics of Logistics is a logistics media site that provides insights from logistics and supply chain leaders on innovation, technology, trends, and the future of freight. Sponsors engage with thousands of leaders and decision makers who work in transportation, logistics, warehousing, supply chain, and technology.

The Logistics of Logistics Podcast Sponsorship

  • The Logistics of Logistics is looking for a few good sponsors who want to reach our large audience of transportation, logistics and supply chain professionals
  • The Logistics of Logistics podcast is one of the leading logistics podcasts with over 100 new episodes are planned for 2020
  • As a podcast sponsor, your company message will be seen and heard by thousands of your prospective customers

The Logistics of Logistics Sponsorship Includes:

  • 4 podcast interviews per year with a representative from your company on topics and questions you choose
  • 2 marketing webinars per year promoted to The Logistics of Logistics social media followers (we can also host the webinar)
  • Your company logo displayed on The Logistics of Logistics website along with a link back to your company’s website
  • Podcast episodes and webinars promoted to 120,000 plus followers of The Logistics of Logistics

Gain Favorable Attention with Your Target Market

  • Share your expertise on The Logistics of Logistics podcast and connect with our large audience of supply chain, transportation and logistics professionals – and get good quality sales leads
  • Cut through clutter and be seen and heard by your ideal clients
  • Get the word out about your logistics product, service, or upcoming event
  • Be recognized as an industry expert and thought leader
  • Exclusivity guaranteed – we won’t work with your competition

The Power of Podcasts

  • Audio content is very personal, and listeners can hear the speaker’s personality, authenticity, and passion
  • Podcasts help your target market feel as if they already know you on an individual level
  • The personal connection that listeners develop with the speaker makes them more likely to engage and ultimately buy your service
  • Compared to text and video content, podcasts are convenient and easy to consume

Reach Over 120,000 Logistics and Supply Chain Professionals

  • Each podcast interview is published to The Logistics of Logistics website along with a transcript of the interview
  • The podcast is distributed by all the major podcast apps (players)
  • The podcast interview (or webinar) is promoted via social media to over 120,000 supply chain (shippers), transportation, logistics, warehousing, and technology professionals


  • For every podcast, a 45-60 second audiogram that captures the most important and relevant soundbite from the guest is created
  • The audiogram contains the guest’s voice along with their transcripted words
  • Audiograms are ideal for sharing on social media because they are visually striking and they usually have a high click rate

Interview Format Benefits

  • Validates that the guest is an industry expert, which is exactly what customers are looking for when they search online
  • Allows for the guest to share stories and customer experiences that will highlight the benefit of their product or service
  • Enables the guest to share their expertise and knowledge in a non-salesy way
  • Makes it easy for the host to ask questions that will shine a favorable light on the guest, service and company

Podcast Quality

  • Each podcast interview is planned and executed using a process that ensures your message gets out and the guest (your rep) is seen as an industry expert
  • Each podcast interview is produced and edited by a trained audio engineer which ensures a quality podcast every time
  • The podcast is carried by all the major podcasting platforms (Apple, Spotify, Google, etc.)

The Logistics of Logistics Podcast is Available on All the Major Podcasting Apps

Every podcast is distributed to all the major podcasting platforms:

  • Google Play
  • iHeart Radio
  • Castbox
  • LinkedIn OnPublish
  • Stitcher
  • iTunes
  • Spotify
  • Tunein
  • Youtube
  • Podbean
  • Podcast Addict

…. and many more