The Box that Changed the World with Richard Danderline

Richard Danderline and Joe Lynch discuss the box that changed the world. Richard is the Co-Founder and CFO of Staxxon, a shipping container company that has developed an innovative shipping container that is poised to revolutionize the space.

About Richard Danderline

Richard Danderline, has over 35 years of executive level financial and operating experience, primarily in the fashion footwear and apparel businesses.  He has served as COO/CFO of several large fashion companies, including Marc Fisher Footwear, Aerogroup International (Aerosoles brand), Kenneth Cole and Iconix Brand Group ( a publicly traded company that was a pioneer of the fashion brand management/licensing business model ).  Mr. Danderline began his career with Touche Ross & Co.(predecessor to Deloitte & Touche) and is a graduate of St. Francis College in Brooklyn NY.   He and George Kochanowski , CEO of Staxxon, co-founded the Company in 2011.

About Staxxon

Staxxon, LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability company based in New Jersey. It operates as a technology and intellectual property licensing company. The company outsources its manufacturing to third party Staxxon certified manufacturing partners and parts suppliers. Staxxon has developed, patented, and certified a new design for ISO (International Organization for Standardization) shipping containers. The technology is the first to enable containers to fold upright, like an accordion. Staxxon’s upright system allows up to five empty containers to be folded, bundled, and moved together as a single container. The load bearing strength of the upright design also allows the container to be placed anywhere from top to bottom in a shipboard stack. Whether fully loaded or bundled together when empty, the Company anticipates that its containers will be 100% interchangeable with standard ISO container fleets. Container owners stand to benefit through substantially reduced operating costs and increased efficiency. Additionally, improved logistics in the handling of empties should materially mitigate global port congestion and environmental pollution. The Company is privately owned and financed by a small group of investors including the current management team.

Key Takeaways: The Box that Changed the World

  • Richard Danderline is the Co-Founder and CFO of Staxxon, a shipping container company that has developed an innovative shipping container that is poised to revolutionize the space.
  • In the podcast interview, Joe and Richard discuss the box that changed the world – that box is the shipping container that was developed in the 1950’s by Malcom McLean. The Staxxon team believes their box (shipping container) is going to make containerized shipping even more effective and efficient.
  • The shipping container drastically reduced the time and cost associated with loading and unloading ships.
  • The shipping container reduced the cost of shipping significantly and enabled the rapid growth of world trade in the past generation.
  • However, there are still issues with global trade – mainly the trade imbalances that leads to empty containers being shipped around the world – at great cost to shippers and the environment.
  • In the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, up 78% of the containers leaving the ports for Asia are empty. In some cases, agricultural exports from the USA are not shipped overseas because the demand for empty containers back to Asia is so great. As a result, agricultural exports and profits were down in 2021.
  • Staxxon has developed the world’s only upright folding shipping container, which enables shippers the ability to fold the Staxxon container like an accordion. Up to 5 Staxxon containers can be transported in the space required for one traditional container.
  • Until now, an empty container took up just as much space as a full container. Staxxon shipping containers enables shippers to free up valuable space in warehouses and ports. It also frees up capacity on ships, rail, and drayage trucks.
  • Staxxon’s foldable shipping containers reduces the cost of shipping empty containers and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, Staxxon frees up capacity and lessens port congestion.

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