The Fleeting Story with Pierre Laguerre

Pierre Laguerre and Joe Lynch discuss the Fleeting story. Pierre is the Founder & CEO at Fleeting, a company that provides shippers & motor carriers direct access to reliable fleets & to flexible CDL drivers who operate them.

About Pierre Laguerre

Pierre Laguerre is an entrepreneur in transportation logistics who has over 17 years of experience in the space. While generating more than $5M in revenue through his transportation ventures, Pierre has successfully mentored young men who have gone on to earn their commercial drivers licenses. He has also facilitated growth in his peers who now own their own trucking and dispatch operations. As a Haitian-born migrant, Pierre found his entrepreneurial passion in trucking. He started his journey as a truck driver. Since then, he’s earned the honor of becoming the first Black man to max out an SEC approved equity crowdfunding campaign. After excelling in the Quake Capital startup accelerator, Pierre has gone on to win pitch competitions with Harvard University, Chamillionaire, Kyrie Irvin and Damon John, all while being a calm collected head-of-household for his three young children.

About Fleeting

Fleeting provides shippers and motor carriers direct access to a flexible and reliable fleet of trucks, and to the CDL drivers who operate them. Streamlining access to a workforce of this kind brings more transparency and efficiency to the market while increasing margins for both sides. On our platform, carriers get expedited service from a flexible and reliable workforce, all through an easy to use interface. While drivers choose the jobs they want based on their schedules and preferences. We believe that when drivers are taken care of, customers are provided the best experience. Fleeting is backed by some of the most forward-thinking investors, including Arlan Hamilton, Founder of Backstage Capital, Chamillionaire, Quake Capital Partners, and Kevin Chanuelt, and Republic. The good news is that we’ve grown a significant amount since 2019 and haven’t even scratched the surface on the potential of Fleeting, and our ability to reshape the massive trucking industry.

Key Takeaways: The Fleeting Story

  • Pierre Laguerre is the Founder and CEO of Fleeting, where he and his team provides shippers and carriers direct access to reliable fleets and a flexible team of CDL drivers to operate them.
  • In the podcast interview, Pierre shares his life and entrepreneurial journey, including the unique insights he gained as an immigrant, driver, and owner operator.
  • Pierre is a former owner/operator of multiple trucks and a truck staffing company. Through his experience on the ground, he saw how challenging it can be for owners to keep their trucks on the road earning money.
  • Pierre’s vision for Fleeting is to leverage modern technology to​ create a platform that improves the commercial freight industry by intelligently matching truck owners, drivers and shippers / brokers.
  • Fleeting is built by truck owners for truck owners and they are on a mission to transform, educate, and modernize the trucking industry.

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