Ben McLean and Joe Lynch discuss the Ruan story. Ben serves as CEO for Ruan Transportation Management Systems, one of the largest privately-held logistics firms in the U.S.

About Ben McLean

Benjamin McLean serves as CEO for Ruan Transportation Management Systems, one of the largest privately-held logistics firms in the United States. Ben joined Ruan in 2007 and served in a number of corporate and operational roles, including COO and CIO, before assuming his current role in 2015. Prior to joining Ruan, Ben assisted companies with mergers, acquisitions, and equity offerings at William Blair & Company in Chicago and the law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore in New York. He was also a systems developer and architect at Deloitte Consulting, where his team developed and implemented enterprise software for multiple clients. Ben was raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Kellogg School of Management and a law degree from Northwestern University School of Law. He earned his undergraduate degree in computer engineering from Northwestern. Ben serves as a board member for UFP Industries and the American Transportation Research Institute, and he is a member of the Northwestern University Transportation Center Business Advisory Committee. Ben is also a member of the Iowa Business Council and served as chair of the organization from 2016 to 2018. Previous board and philanthropic affiliations include United Way of Central Iowa, Orchard Place, and Reaching Higher Iowa.

About Ruan Transportation

Ruan provides Dedicated Contract TransportationManaged TransportationValue-Added Warehousing, and Brokerage Support Services to customers across the U.S. Ruan’s Integrated Supply Chain Solutions services encompass all aspects of transportation and logistics, providing our customers the ideal combination of asset- and non-asset-based solutions that get your products from point A to point B safely and efficiently. With more than 90 years of transportation management experience, Ruan is one of the top 10 privately owned transportation companies in the country with 300 operations and 5,000 team members.

Key Takeaways: The Ruan Story

  • Ben McLean is the CEO of Ruan Transportation Management Systems, one of country’s top 10 privately owned transportation companies.
  • In the podcast interview, Ben shared the Ruan story – a story that started 90 years ago. Ben explains how Ruan’s founder, John Ruan created a company and a culture that enabled it grow into one of country’s top transportation companies.
  • Over the last 90 years, Ruan has thrived as an industry leader by staying true to their Guiding Principles of People First, Safety Focus, Exceptional Performance, Customer Satisfaction, and Continuous Improvement—all of which were foundational to the company as John Ruan built customer relationships and developed his team during Ruan’s early years of growth.
  • The company founder, John Ruan moved his first load of gravel on July 4, 1932. See his story here: About John Ruan
  • Ruan is a family-owned transportation management company, providing Dedicated Contract Transportation, Managed Transportation, and Value-added Warehousing. Their Integrated Supply Chain Solutions combine Ruan’s non-asset and asset-based capabilities with optimal technology.
  • Ruan Transportation Management System includes:
    • Dedicated Contract Transportation – With Ruan’s Dedicated Contract Transportation, shippers gain a transportation solution that functions as an extension of their supply chain. The tractors and trailers are often branded with the customer’s company logo and image. Driver uniforms also reflect the customer’s brand.
    • Managed Transportation – Ruan’s provides a customized third-party logistics solutions that includes mode selection, carrier management, network optimization, certified brokerage services, and more.
    • Value-Added Warehousing – Ruan offers dedicated, Value-Added Warehousing services that combines the best warehouse management system (WMS) and experienced professionals to create the best experience for their customers. Ruan offers the region’s most versatile warehouse space and customized solutions tailored to their customers’ requirements.
    • Integrated Supply Chain Solutions – Ruan offers an integrated supply chain solution that is customized to the customer’s specific needs. The solution may include a combination of the following services: freight brokerage, dedicated fleets, warehousing services, and contract logistics agreements.
  • Ruan Transportation Management Systems Facts
    • 300+ operations nationwide
    • On-site managers to direct fleets and drivers
    • 5,000 team members, including 4,000 professional drivers
    • Ongoing commitment to quality and process improvement
    • 24/7 customer care from one full-service transportation company
    • Asset- and non-asset-based solutions
    • Proprietary Megasafe Safety Program
    • More facts about Ruan, click here

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