Daniel Kao and Joe Lynch discuss the TruckSmarter story. Daniel Kao is the co-Founder & CEO of TruckSmarter, a driver-first marketplace for the trucking industry, that improves the lives of truck drivers, and empowers them to get better quality loads and get paid faster.

About Daniel Kao

Daniel Kao is the co-Founder & CEO of TruckSmarter. After attending NYU’s School of Business, he went on to hold leadership roles early on at Uber Freight and DoorDash. He previously co-founded Sharespace, a venture-backed company acquired by Stripe.

About TruckSmarter

TruckSmarter has built the driver-first marketplace for the trucking industry, improving the lives of truck drivers, and empowering them to run their own businesses on their terms. The marketplace serves as a one-stop-shop for drivers to access the information they need to find work, book work, and manage their businesses.

Key Takeaways: The TruckSmarter Story

  • Daniel Kao is the Co-founder and CEO of TruckSmarter, the driver-first marketplace that empowers truck drivers to run their own businesses on their terms.
  • In the podcast interview, Daniel and Joe discuss Daniel’s entrepreneurial journey and the founding of TruckSmarter, a driver-first marketplace for the trucking industry.
  • With the mission of creating a one-stop solution for drivers, TruckSmarter delivers the following:
    • Load Board – completely free, 100K+ high quality loads per day, In-app booking, built-in business management tools, and a one stop shop to find loads.
    • Fuel Discounts – Zero fees, save an average of 50¢/gal, drivers lock in low rates on their route, pay automatically in the app, and an IFTA-ready receipt.
    • Factoring – 1.5%, Same day payments, month-to-month contracts, no hidden fees, and no minimums.
  • TruckSmarter provides drivers with a no-fee electronic load board, with loads from hundreds of brokers displayed in a simple mobile interface allowing drivers to quickly find the optimal load.
  • Drivers who have signed up with TruckSmarter book most of their loads through the platform and for the brokers whose loads are being displayed, they get access to a larger pool of drivers.
  • Access to more loads and better loads improve the quality of life of drivers by allowing them to manage their travel and optimize the amount they are getting paid.

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