The Unsung Hero of Logistics with Jeff Booth

Jeff Booth and Joe Lynch discuss the unsung hero of logistics. Jeff is the General Manager of Opendock, a leading software provider for dock scheduling for warehouses that helps provide visibility into truck arrivals.

About Jeff Booth

Jeff Booth is the General Manager of Opendock, a leading software provider for dock appointment scheduling.  Jeff has had the opportunity to help lead a variety of different business units throughout his career including Circuit City stores, the world’s largest pet training service at Petsmart, analytics and strategy for a movie theater chain, and a carrier sales team at Globaltranz. At Globaltranz he experienced the pain of scheduling in logistics with seemingly endless first come first serve facilities and armies of people on the phone or e-mailing shippers to get appointments.  If we never had appointments, how was everyone talking about on-time percentage?  There had to be a better way to do all of this, so he joined the Opendock team two years ago to figure it out.

About Opendock

Opendock is a dock scheduling platform for warehouses that helps provide visibility into truck arrivals. By giving warehouses and carriers a shared schedule, Opendock reduces labor hours and eliminates back and forth emails with a self-serve platform that can be used by carriers to schedule appointments in real-time. With visibility into truck arrivals and detailed tracking of in and out times, Opendock helps facilities reduce detention times, identify dock bottlenecks, and leverage data to build programs that improve performance.

Key Takeaways: The Unsung Hero of Logistics 

  • Jeff Booth is the General Manager of Opendock, which provide dock scheduling software for warehouses.
  • The dock and the people who work on it are the unsung heroes of logistics.
  • The dock is where shipping & receiving meets the trucking company – where rubber meets the road!
  • Many critically important insights can be gained by understanding what’s happening on the dock. Insights including: planned pick up vs actual, loading/unloading time, dwell time, and detention.
  • For all its importance, the dock is often overlooked when it comes to technology.
  • Opendock is changing all that by delivering an industry leading dock scheduling software that is used by 30,000 plus carriers and 2,500 shipping locations.
  • Opendock helps warehouses (and other shippers) save time and money by having their carriers book appointments online.
  • Reduce labor costs by freeing up warehouse staff with fewer inbound calls and emails by letting carriers schedule online.
  • Lower freight costs by decreasing detention fees with appointments and reducing rates by making it easier for drivers to pick up and deliver.
  • Improve visibility with real-time status updates and dock appointment data that can be shared across the enterprise.

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