The Ware2Go Story with Steve Denton

Steve Denton and Joe Lynch discuss the Ware2Go story. Steve is the CEO of Ware2Go, a UPS company, changing the traditional 3PL model to make one- to two-day delivery easy and affordable for all merchants by positioning products closer to end customers for a fast, inexpensive and reliable order-to-delivery experience. He is also a digital technology and AI executive.

About Steve Denton

Steve Denton is the CEO of Ware2Go, a UPS company,  he is a digital technology and AI executive, Steve has spent 20 years reimagining digital sales channels to level the playing field for companies to compete and win. A serial entrepreneur with deep expertise in digital technology, ecommerce and AI and a proven track record of building high-performance organizations, Denton has now turned his focus to creating smarter fulfillment networks and democratizing 1 to 2-day delivery as the CEO of Ware2Go. Prior to joining Ware2Go, Denton was President and CRO of Collectivei, a company that uses B2B data to make sales organizations more informed, efficient and profitable. He served as CEO of GSI Media, which sold to eBay in 2011, then as GM and VP of eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions, where he oversaw billions in ecommerce revenue and ran nine advertising and martech companies. He also served as President and CEO of Rakuten LinkShare after serving in multiple executive positions at LinkShare prior to its acquisition by Rakuten. Prior to his career in technology, Steve held leadership roles at FedEx and Pepsi. He is passionate about leveraging technology to solve complex problems and enable merchants of all sizes to compete in the new era of Business to Everyone (B2E).

About Ware2Go

Ware2Go, a UPS Company, is changing the traditional 3PL model to make one- to two-day delivery easy and affordable for all merchants by positioning products closer to end customers for a fast, inexpensive and reliable order-to-delivery experience. Ware2Go offers an integrated solution for warehousing, pick, pack and shipping services to businesses of all sizes through an intuitive cloud-based technology platform that makes it easy to extend your distribution footprint and scale up and down as your operational needs change. Ware2Go’s carbon offset shipping network enables merchants to meet customer expectations sustainably, and their technology integrates with all major sales channels from Amazon to Shopify to simplify fulfillment for multichannel merchants.

Key Takeaways: The Ware2Go Story 

  • Steve Denton is the CEO of Ware2Go, a company that is simplifying the end-to-end supply chain across commerce to enable companies of all sizes to compete and grow.
  • In the podcast interview, Steve and Joe discuss Steve’s life, career, and his role as the first CEO of Ware2Go.
  • Ware2Go is an on-demand fulfillment platform owned by UPS (NYSE:UPS) that helps merchants enhance their delivery experience.
  • Ware2Go has more than 50 warehouse facilities strategically placed around the country to give their customers a 1-2 day delivery footprint to 99% of residents in the continental US.
  • Ware2Go provides cloud-based technology as part of the fulfillment solution for every customer. This solution can be accessed by multiple users within your company to maintain visibility to all the operations occurring across your network and sales channels.
  • Ware2Go pricing is customized to each of their customers. Their fulfillment services and technology work together for a comprehensive supply chain solution that can pivot and adapt with strategic business decisions.
  • The value of a partnership with Ware2Go is the potential for business growth. Ware2Go clients generally see a 20% increase in cart conversions and a 10% increase in average deal size by positioning themselves to better serve their customers.
  • Since Ware2Go is a UPS company, customers can utilize not only UPS’s small parcel network, but also the scale, expertise, and experience of one of the world’s best supply chain companies.

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