The Warehousing Crisis with Chuck Coxhead

Chuck Coxhead and Joe Lynch discuss the warehousing crisis. Chuck is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Procensis, a leading mobility solutions provider focused on the latest technologies to help you achieve the most effective workflows on the distribution and manufacturing floor.

About Chuck Coxhead

Chuck Coxhead is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Procensis. He is a passionate Sales and Marketing professional experienced in complex solution sales delivering results to demanding defense and telecommunications programs. From his early career as an Industrial Engineer, Chuck has developed a comprehensive understanding of value and cutting edge technologies and applied them to enable innovations, such as digital radar, quantum computing, chipless RFID, fiber-optic transmission, and millimeter-wave scanning. Chuck has developed new and stagnant organizations into thriving and respected brands with outstanding year over year sales growth. He has led teams to realize new and recognized brands with impressive recognition. With an unrelenting desire to identify new business, coach teams, and drive sales; Chuck is absolutely committed to delighting customers, successful partners, and profitable results.

About Procensis

Procensis is a leading mobility solutions provider focused on the latest technologies to help you achieve the most effective workflows on the distribution and manufacturing floor.  Our collective experience in the design and deployment enables newfound productivity within your existing warehouse workforce, applying mobile and wearable computing  to interface with the leading Warehouse Management Systems. With ruggedized mobile computing for industry, optimized user interface, and voice-enabled transactions; warehouses using Procensis’ Visual-Voice-Scan solutions can reduce barcode scanning speeds up to 30% and achieve 99% accuracy. Wearable computing and scanning provide improved dexterity, reduced distractions, and greater focus contributing to a more safe and satisfying user experience. Moreover, our intuitive solutions enable fast on-boarding with return on investment commencing within minutes.

Key Takeaways: The Warehousing Crisis

  • Chuck Coxhead is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Procensis, a dynamic end-to-end provider of our visual-voice-scan mobile computing and scanning solutions.
  • The warehousing crisis that we are currently experiencing is caused by surging ecommerce volumes and a labor shortage caused by the pandemic.
  • The warehousing crisis is made worse because many warehousing companies have underinvested in warehouse technology.
  • The lack of technology has caused issues with accuracy, worker safety, injuries, onboarding new employees, worker productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Chuck and the Procensis team help warehousing companies to become more productive, safer and ultimately more profitable. By providing cutting edge software along with wearable, mobile, hands-free technology, Procensis is creating warehouse superheroes and streamlining operational processes.
  • With over 25 years of warehouse, distribution, logistics, and warehouse management system (WMS) experience; Procensis creates outstanding business outcomes delivering improved worker experience,  speed, accuracy, fast onboarding, and safety.

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