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Cargo and Container Shipping Basics

Successful international shipping requires a good understanding of cargo and container shipping basics. When large cargo pieces have to be transported by sea, the best and most cost-effective way to transport them is through cargo and container shipping companies. No matter if you are shipping for residential or commercial reasons, if you are interested in […]

Shipping Claim Filing Software – What is it, and How Can It Help Me?

What is Shipping Claim Filing Software? Most shippers are familiar with Transportation Management Systems, and Warehouse Management Systems, but what is shipping claim filing software? Shipping claim filing software is a system that helps you to file and manage freight claims. The system consists of the following elements:  A user interface where the user enters […]

Biopharma Distribution Challenges

Why is biotech and pharmaceutical (biopharma) distribution experiencing surging demand and rising cost? Even with the downturn of the economy, the demand for biopharmaceuticals is growing at 15-20% which is increasing the demand for distribution. At the same time, costs are rising. It is not a simple matter of just spending wisely and negotiating harder for […]

Warehousing KPIs

To effectively and efficiently manage a warehouse, you need to use warehousing KPIs.  Below is a listing of commonly used warehousing KPIs. KPI is an acronym for key performance indicators (or key process indicators).  A key performance indicator (KPI) is a metric that you have chosen that will give an indication of your performance and […]

biggest LTL carriers

The 15 Biggest LTL Carriers

The 15 biggest LTL carriers by revenue are listed below. The biggest LTL carriers are striving to increase revenues and profits to pre-recession levels.  Most analysts believe LTL rates will increase 2-4% in 2013. During the downturn, carriers invested less in new trucks and terminals because shipping tonnage decreased.  As the economy improved sluggishly, carriers […]