Charlie Saffro and the CS Recruiting Story‬

Ryan Schreiber hosts a podcast about Charlie Saffro and the CS Recruiting story. Charlie is the Founder and President of CS Recruiting a firm that specializes in logistics and supply chain recruiting.

About Charlie Saffro

Charlie Saffro is the President and Founder of CS Recruiting. Charlie has over 14 years of direct recruiting experience within the Logistics, Transportation, and Supply Chain space. She has worked with many small to medium-sized businesses, as well as with Fortune 50 companies to help them identify the right talent for their organizational needs. Clients have included Third Party Logistics providers (3PL’s), Asset-Based providers, Shippers (Manufacturers and Distributors), and Vendors to the industry (transportation technology/fleet solutions). Charlie’s team of dedicated recruiters has experience filling positions of all levels; including C Level and Executive positions, Management roles, and Independent Contributor seats. Their network of talent spans across all functions (sales/operations/analytics/leadership) and the CS team pride themselves on knowing how to identify and evaluate talent for key positions.

About CS Recruiting

CS Recruiting focuses on recruitment within the Logistics, Transportation, and Supply chain Industry. We partner with clients across North America to help them identify the most qualified candidates for their niche hiring needs. Our client base consists of 3PLs, Asset Providers, Shippers (Manufacturers/Distributors), and companies that offer a technology platform, equipment solution, or consulting services. We pride ourselves on our industry expertise, competitive market knowledge, and network of talent to support searches for positions of all levels and functions that influence the Supply Chain.

CS Recruiting’s goal is to partner with clients and candidates to develop long-lasting relationships and make appropriate and time-sensitive career matches.

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