DTC Frozen Food with Richard Gray

Richard Gray and Joe Lynch discuss DTC frozen food. Richard is the founder and CEO of Gray Growth Strategies, a consulting company that provides custom-tailored solutions for refrigerated or frozen food fulfillment needs.

About Richard Gray

Richard Gray is a leading strategist in global direct-to-consumer marketing and business model development. An expert brand marketer across multi-channel environments, he achieves results quickly and within optimized budgets. His expertise lies in frozen food logistics, and he is well versed in operations, supply chain, manufacturing, administrative, and more, with a deep understanding of how to pull the end product through the marketplace. Richard understands the process of structuring a business around a product, service or concept full circle and has developed deep experience in a broad range of industries in most every possible trade class: manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, multi-level, retail, and D-T- C. His primary focus is now helping food & beverage brands both large and small, launch and/ or scale in the fast-paced world of ecommerce. He’s helped develop DTC programs for some of the leading Ecommerce food and meal delivery services in the country.

About Gray Growth Strategies

Gray Growth Strategies provides custom-tailored solutions for refrigerated or frozen food fulfillment needs. Their specialty is shipping services for e-commerce companies selling frozen food products on platforms such as Amazon and Shopify. If you need help figuring out the logistics of DTC frozen foods, they are here to help you. With strategically placed frozen food fulfillment centers, you can ship your products quickly and affordably to your customers. They’ll help you with a full logistics strategy to ensure your customers get the perfect product efficiently. Their relationships with the top shipping partners and leading cold storage companies become your assets. They’ve developed all the necessary relationships to provide you with the perfect solution for your DTC frozen food business.
If you’re looking for a partner to help with the logistics and e-commerce implementation of your DTC frozen food product, they’re ready to go to work for you.

Key Takeaways: DTC Frozen Food

  • Richard Gray is the Founder and CEO of Gray Growth Strategies, a consultancy that develops custom-tailored solutions for refrigerated or frozen food shippers.
  • DTC frozen food is one of the biggest fulfillment and logistics challenge.
  • DTC = direct to consumer, usually direct to the consumers home.
  • Direct to consumer (DTC) frozen food has the following challenges:
    • Ensuring the business case is feasible and profitable
      • DTC is not a winning strategy for many products
    • Customer acquisition
      • Getting new customers is difficult and expensive
    • Keeping customers / Repeat business
      • Customers must receive their shipment in pristine condition or they will not reorder
      • The cost of refunds and or a poor experience is a lost customer
    • Transportation costs
      • Small parcel costs may be as high at 30-40% of the total cost
    • Cash flow problems
      • Transportation, fulfillment, packaging, and inventory in multiple locations can create cash flow problems so proper funding is key
  • Richard and his team at Gray Growth Strategies works with frozen food companies that need a winning direct-to-consumer strategy. Gray Growth Strategies has the strategic, marketing, and operational experience and expertise to ensure that DTC shipper succeed.
  • Gray Growth Strategies provides turnkey refrigerated and frozen food logistics solutions for ecommerce brands.

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