Every Salesperson’s Secret Weapon with Jamin Alvidrez

Jamin Alvidrez and Joe Lynch discuss every salesperson’s secret weapon. Jamin is an accomplished 3rd party logistics sales leader and coach.

About Jamin Alvidrez

Jamin Alvidrez has worked in logistics and transportation for the past 16+ years. Jamin’s supply chain and tech adventure has seen him have success at a wide range of roles at companies of differing size from CH Robinson to several start-ups and now his own venture. His experience combined with his charismatic positivity allows Jamin to uniquely engage with his network which covers all corners of the supply chain industry.

About Freight Tribe

Jamin is the founder of Freight Tribe and the host of the podcast “Logistics & Beyond!” on the Supply Chain Now platform where he highlights the personalities and mindsets of the best in logistics, transportation, and freight tech. He also is a regular co-host on various “Live” industry shows. In addition to his podcast work, he works with logistics and transportation companies to promote their brand and increase their sales.

Key Takeaways – Every Salesperson’s Secret Weapon

  • According to Jamin, every salesperson regardless of their experience or skill level has a secret weapon – optimism!
  • Optimism differs based on the situation and the person.
    • Optimism is very easy when things are going well.
    • Optimism is obviously harder when you are having a bad day, on those days you must develop the right perspective and embrace the suck.
    • Being optimistic does not mean being unrealistic. To be successful, you must pair your optimism with realism and hard work.
    • Not every salesperson exhibits optimism in the same way. Jamin has observed salespeople who seem negative, yet their actions show a belief in a positive outcome.
    • Good sales managers are optimistic and lift their sales team.

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