Hospital in the Home with Ben Fornell

Joe Lynch and Ben Fornell discuss hospital in the home (HITH) and the logistics required to make it successful. Healthcare traditionally delivered at hospitals is increasingly happening at the home of the patient and the trend is sometimes called “hospital in the home” or “hospital at home.”

About Ben Fornell

Ben Fornell is the Founder and CEO of Shurpa Health, the first logistics platform built for home healthcare. From its roots in the final mile parcel logistics business, the company has grown into a leading SaaS platform for managing hospital-at-home and in-home healthcare. Prior to taking the leap into entrepreneurship, Ben was a newspaper reporter with bylines in such publications as The Cedar Rapids Gazette, The New York Daily News, and The Des Moines Register. His former editors would be mortified to read his daily emails. Ben earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Iowa.

About Shurpa

Shurpa is the first SaaS platform built from the ground-up to manage compliance, scheduling, and logistics for the hospital-at-home and home healthcare markets. Shurpa leverage patented artificial intelligence (AI) to take the guesswork out of managing mandatory recurring appointments while driving maximum efficiency from clinician workforces in the field. Shurpa is currently working with major national payers and providers, supporting a variety of healthcare use cases within the home. Shurpa can connect to a variety of leading electronic health records systems and work with healthcare providers to to tailor a workflow to their unique organizational needs. Connect with the Shurpa team online at or email [email protected] for more information.

Key Takeaways: Hospital in the Home

  • Hospital in the home (HITH) or hospital at home (HAH) refers to hospital-level care provided in the home environment.
  • HITH will continue to grow because it is less expensive and often provides the same or even better healthcare outcomes for the patient.
  • One of the challenges in HITH is logistics – getting the right people (nurses, doctors, techs) and equipment to the right place, the patient’s home.
  • When healthcare professionals are stuck in traffic, lost, or taking the long way to the patient’s home, you get burn-out and a lot of extra costs.
  • Shurpa is bringing home healthcare into the digital era. They equip healthcare companies professionals with the tools they need to optimize routes and appointments and reduce windshield time for healthcare professionals.
  • Shurpa’s routing and optimization software enable healthcare professionals to keep their time commitments, reduce drive time, and realize efficiency gains of 30% or more.

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