Hurdles to 3PL Growth with Trey Griggs and Isaac Moreno

Joe Lynch discusses hurdles to 3PL growth with Trey Griggs and Isaac Moreno. Trey and Isaac work at Lean Solutions Group, where they work with 3PLs to solve a variety of sales and marketing problems.

About Trey Griggs

Trey Griggs is the Vice President of Sales at Lean Solutions Group. After graduating from William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, Trey began his career as a high school physics teacher and coach. In 2010, he transitioned to a career in sales, cutting his teeth in door-to-door office supply sales for 15 months before accepting an opportunity with a leading technology and data provider in the transportation industry. During the past nine years Trey has gained experience in several sectors within technology, including load boards, rate analytics, TMS systems, visibility solutions, digital freight-matching platforms, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Trey enjoys coaching teams to be great, as well as speaking on sales and marketing strategies, leadership, organizational structure, and technology.  When he is not building world-class sales organizations, you can find Trey spending time with his family, traveling, renovating his home, playing golf, working out, reading & playing music.

About Isaac Moreno

Isaac Moreno is the Director of Carrier Sales for Lean Solutions Group, currently working out of the Barranquilla, Colombia office.  He graduated from the University of Tampa in 2011 and has worked in the freight brokerage industry for over 8 years. He has worn many hats in the industry, but primarily has extensive experience in the Carrier Sales role.  His main duty is to help grow the carrier sales division by providing exceptional training and expertise in providing quality carrier sales candidates to logistics companies in the United States. Isaac earned a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Tampa.

About Lean Solutions Group

Lean Solutions Group provides operational, sales, marketing, and technology support to over 120 leading 3PLs. To succeed in the transportation and logistics business, 3PLs need to be able to hire and retain the very best talent, while keeping a lid on costs. Since the competition for the best talent is fierce companies need an edge that will help them win. Lean Staffing Solutions is that edge. Lean provides a turnkey solution to staffing challenges using a proven process that will improve profits while reducing employee costs. Lean can deliver on this promise because they are the pioneers in helping U.S. based companies set up satellite offices in Colombia. Since 2014, Lean has worked with over 100 satisfied U.S. based transportation and logistics providers. Lean ensures that your satellite office in Colombia is staffed with highly educated, English speaking professionals trained in your company’s processes and systems. The Lean approach is a low cost, low risk, low hassle, and they manage the entire process with their account managers. Lean Staffing Solutions offers a suite of product offerings from traditional staffing to technology, sales, and marketing services.

Key Takeaways: Hurdles to 3PL Growth

  • According to Trey and Isaac, the hurdles to growth in the 3PL business are typically:
    • Developing good sales leads – lack of lead generation and sales muscle.
    • Recruiting the right people, especially drivers.
    • Creating a connected, capable, carrier network that reduces the need for load boards (carriers sales).
  • Some Logistics companies struggle to grow their sales because they don’t put the proper focus on the sales function – they don’t recruit, train, and retain the right people for the job. They also don’t develop the proper structure, process, and systems to support the sales group.
  • Lean Solutions Group helps 3PLs grow their sales by managing the recruiting, hiring, training, and placement of sales professionals that will make a positive impact.
  • Many 3PLs are suffering to find the right carriers to move their freight. When 3PLs lack the right carrier relationships, they become transactional and develop an over-reliance on load boards.
  • One of Lean’s specialties is carrier sales – they are the matchmaker who will will help their client connect with top quality carriers who are a great fit.
  • Recruiting is a big problem in the logistics business. 3PLs are always looking for good people, but they don’t always excel at recruiting. Today, one of the hardest segments to recruit is drivers. Among drivers, the turnover is very high, and a good driver has her pick of top carriers and lanes.
  • Lean Solutions Group assists many of their clients on recruiting. With their roots in the staffing business, Lean has deep expertise and experience in recruiting for the 3PL space.

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