Jim Bierfeldt and Joe Lynch discuss the logistics buyers survey created by Jim and his team at Logistics Marketing Advisors.

About Jim Bierfeldt

Jim Bierfeldt is the Founder and President of Logistics Marketing Advisors. Jim has had a 35-year career in marketing and communications, including 25+ within the logistics industry. He ran marketing for a large 3PL before launching his own marketing agency, Logistics Marketing Advisors, which focuses exclusively on providing marketing strategy and services to logistics businesses.  His expertise includes strategic planning, brand positioning, advertising, public relations, website strategy and design, and development of white papers, case studies and other content. Jim has worked with both smaller, regional logistics companies and multi-billion dollar global firms, all of whom benefit from his unique combination of marketing expertise and logistics industry knowledge. Jim holds a Masters Degree in Communications from Fordham University and has been an active in CSCMP, WERC and the IWLA. His hobbies include running (including multiple marathons).

About Logistics Marketing Advisors

Logistics Marketing Advisors (LMA) is a full-service marketing agency exclusively focused on helping logistics businesses drive profitable growth. Our niche focus gives us the industry understanding and contacts required to market effectively to logistics decision makers. We’re a HubSpot-certified, inbound marketing agency with the following specialties: branding and positioning strategy, lead generation, web design and development, content marketing, public relations, and creation of branded and educational content like videos, case studies, white papers and other sales support materials. LMA’s approach recognizes that logistics services today are BOUGHT, not sold. Marketing tactics that interrupt and annoy busy logistics executives get ignored. These buyers now have access to a wealth of information and do their own research on how to solve supply chain problems, and what providers can do to help. At LMA, we help logistics businesses get found by prospects during this research phase. Instead of building a marketing engine to solicit, we build an engine that naturally attracts the best prospects. The best way to do that is with helpful, provocative content that leads prospects to conclude, for themselves, that your company has the best solution for their specific challenge.

Key Takeaways: Logistics Buyers Survey

  • Jim Bierfeldt is the President of Logistics Marketing Advisors, a full-service marketing agency exclusively focused on helping logistics businesses drive profitable growth.
  • In the podcast interview, Jim shared some of the findings from the logistics buyers survey that his firm publishes every other year since 2014.
  • Jim and his team have done the research to really understand what shippers want from their 3PL.
  • The survey results are available for free within the “Marketing Logistics Services” download on The LMA website.
  • Below are a few of the survey questions that LMA asked people who buy 3PL services:
    • When it comes to choosing a logistics product or service provider, which statement best describes your attitude and priority?
    • Which sources of information do you rely on to stay current on logistics management strategies, service providers, and logistics industry news?
    • Think about the last time you proactively reached out to a logistics business (that was not a current supplier) to learn more or to discuss a project. What led you to reach out?
    • How do you prefer to be contacted by a logistics business?
  • The survey results along with expert insights are contained in an easy to read 19 page PDF report available on LMA’s home page.
  • The report is completely free, no obligation, they don’t even ask for your contact information.
  • Logistics Marketing Advisors designs and executes strategic marketing programs that help logistics businesses drive revenue and profit.
  • LMA is a specialty agency focused the logistics industry – this enable them to maintain the industry knowledge and contacts required to help their clients succeed.

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