Making Carrier Relationships More Productive with Noam Frankel

Noam Frankel and Joe Lynch discuss making carrier relationships more productive. Noam is a transportation industry veteran who has always advocated for building solid relationships between 3PLs, brokers, and carriers.

About Noam Frankel

Noam Frankel is the founder and CEO of FreightFriend, a cloud-based truckload procurement platform that helps shippers and brokers build deep carrier relationships and drive digital execution. Noam is a pioneer and innovator, Noam Frankel has spent more than 35 years building operations and technology in the logistics industry, originally as co-founder and COO of American Backhaulers. He later served as VP of Truckload at Echo Global Logistics, where he built their truckload division from the ground up, before founding Optimal Freight brokerage, which he sold to TFI International in 2018. . He has the unique perspective of having served as an executive on both the “industry” and technology sides of logistics.

About FreightFriend

FreightFriend is a cloud-based, AI-powered truckload procurement solution to help shippers and brokers build carrier relationships and find the right capacity to match to the right freight. The software solutions include a carrier relationship management (CRM) platform, the Capacity Guru dynamic routing guide, and Freight Guru intelligent freight matching.

Key Takeaways: Making Carrier Relationships More Productive with Noam Frankel

  • In the podcast interview, Noam described his experience at American Backhaulers, a brokerage that was eventually acquired by C. H. Robison. American Backhaulers was based in Chicago and they pioneered the Chicago model or Split model described in this article by my friend, Kevin Hill: FREIGHT BROKER BUSINESS MODEL: CRADLE TO GRAVE OR THE BUY/SELL MODEL?
  • At American Backhaulers, Noam recognized that carrier sales was one of the keys to success in the brokerage business.
  • With the rise of technology, Noam believes that brokers and 3PLs have forgotten how to develop carrier relationships that maximize the benefits for both carriers and brokers/3PLs.
  • FreightFriend’s truckload procurement platform helps shippers and brokers build deep carrier relationships and drive digital execution.

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