Matt Vogrich and the MoLo Story

Ryan Schreiber hosts a podcast about Matt Vogrich and the MoLo story. Matt is the President & COO of MoLo Solutions, a 3PL with a mission to deliver the best experience in transportation.

About Matt Vogrich

Matt Vogrich is the President and COO of MoLo Solutions, a 3PL based in Chicago, IL. Prior to founding MoLo, Matt sold supply chain services in IBM’s distribution vertical. While working at IBM, Matt learned that many customers were frustrated with their logistics and transportation options, so he started MoLo with the goal of delivering the best experience in transportation. Matt earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Michigan. While at U of M, Matt was a scholarship athlete who played on the basketball team and earned Academic All Big Ten Honors.

About MoLo Solutions

MoLo—short for Modern Logistics—is a 3PL with a mission to deliver the best experience in transportation. The company help connect companies that ship goods and the truck drivers that have capacity to haul those goods. Food, beverages, plastics, paper, metals, and more – you name it, MoLo will ship it. Three things have shaped the company’s vision – respect for drivers, long-term partnerships, and people. Drivers deserve to have a champion who looks out for them. MoLo believes in shipper relationships that transcend short term gains. MoLo also wants to be the best place to work and in 2021 they were recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Startup Employers for the second year in a row.

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