Kevin Coomes and Joe Lynch discuss navigating the freight downturn in the logistics and transportation space. Kevin is the Vice President of Sales at, a technology that provides predictive pricing recommendations for maximum broker margins.

About Kevin Coomes 

Kevin Coomes, the Vice President of Sales at, is an accomplished freight tech professional with over 15 years of sales, business development, and start-up experience spanning two countries. His expertise extends across a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, energy efficiency, logistics, and technology applications. Kevin’s journey in transportation and logistics began in China, where he managed ocean and air imports for his own venture, Phoria Energy Solutions. Additionally, he collaborated with AnSen Beyond Investments on various logistics projects involving commodities and agricultural products, demonstrating his proficiency in navigating international markets. Fluent in Mandarin, Kevin spent three years living and working in China, immersing himself in the culture and language. Over the past decade, Kevin has built an extensive network that has fueled success and innovation in the U.S. logistics market. He has made significant contributions through his involvement in consulting projects with Metafora (formerly CarrierDirect) and his instrumental role in developing and executing sales, marketing, and product growth strategies for ExFreight Zeta, Inc. and Revenova, LLC. Kevin holds a bachelor’s degree in political science, with a concentration in Chinese, from Kansas State University. This comprehensive academic background further enhances his ability to navigate diverse markets and engage with stakeholders on a global scale.

About is a pricing platform specifically tailored for the truckload spot freight market. Through the utilization of advanced machine learning techniques and big data, offers real-time market price predictions that take into account the buying power of your company. Their platform not only provides highly accurate buy rates but also offers sell price suggestions based on comprehensive data analysis. This proven solution has been designed to assist companies in boosting their win rate, safeguarding, and expanding their profit margins, and improving the productivity of their sales representatives. empowers businesses in the truckload spot freight market with the tools they need to make informed decisions and maximize their success.

Key Takeaways: Navigating the Freight Downturn

  • Kevin Coomes is the Vice President of Sales at, a technology that provides predictive pricing recommendations for maximum broker margins.
  • In the podcast interview, Kevin and Joe discuss navigating the freight downturn in the logistics and transportation space.
  • By leveraging Greenscreen’s dynamic pricing platform, freight brokers can generate precise pricing with greater efficiency, empowering them to thrive even in times of freight is a pricing platform specifically designed for the truckload spot freight market.
  • The platform utilizes big data and advanced machine learning techniques to provide real-time market price predictions.
  • considers your company’s buying power when generating accurate buy rates.
  •’s solution has been tested and proven to help companies increase their win rate.
  • The platform enables businesses to protect and grow their profit margins through optimized pricing strategies.
  • By leveraging comprehensive data analysis, enhances the productivity of sales representatives.
  • provides users with the tools to make informed decisions and negotiate effectively.
  • The platform’s real-time market insights allow companies to stay competitive and adapt to market fluctuations.

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