Reducing Cost, Risk, and Carbon with Brad Guinane

Brad Guinane and Joe Lynch talk about reducing cost, risk, and carbon. Brad is Vice-President of Sales at FreightWaves, a leading freight intelligence provider, offering current digital intelligence and context to the freight community on a central platform.

About Brad Guinane

Brad Guinane is the Vice-President of Sales at FreightWaves. Brad is an experienced enterprise SaaS sales leader working in the logistics and supply chain industry. Brad began his career in Chicago at a top ranked domestic 3PL. Over the last 4 years, he has expanded upon his logistics knowledge while at FreightWaves and proven to be an integral part of growing the FreightWaves SONAR product offerings and go-to-market team. Prior to his career in logistics & enterprise software, Brad was a college basketball All-American & professional basketball player in the British Basketball League (BBL). Brad is a Michigan native who attended Hillsdale College (B.A. Finance) and received a Masters in Business Administration from Durham University Business School. He resides in Chattanooga, TN with his wife Grace Guinane.

About FreightWaves

FreightWaves is the leading freight intelligence provider, offering current digital intelligence and context to the freight community on a central platform. FreightWaves’​ SaaS product, SONAR, is the leading freight market analytics tool and dashboard, aggregating billions of data points from hundreds of sources to provide the fastest data in the transportation and logistics sector., the company’s news site, is the leading provider of news and commentary for the transportation and logistics space. FreightWaves also hosts conferences under Transparency and MarketWaves branding and is a co-developer of the first futures contracts dedicated to trucking spot rates. FreightWaves provides the ability to benchmark, analyze, monitor & forecast the $9.6T global logistics industry. 

Key Takeaways: Reducing Cost, Risk, and Carbon

  • To reduce cost, risk, and carbon, you need good data which is hard to come by because:
    • The truckload market is huge, lots of different carriers, and lots of different equipment.
    • Data is dirty and old – out of context.
    • Data isn’t in a format that is easy to use – hard to interpret.
    • Even good data isn’t always actionable because of lack of context and market insights.
  • To be successful, carriers, brokers, and shippers need a data partner like FreightWaves.
    • FW collects the data and formats in a way that makes it actionable.
    • FW benchmarks, analyzes, monitors, and forecasts freight analytics so you don’t have to.
    • Analyzing what happened so you can know what might happen next.
  • Cost
    • Users can upload lane and cost data and benchmark themselves against their peers.
    • Understand why you’re paying over market price.
    • How are the lanes changing? Are there issues with these lanes?
    • The FW cost intelligence is the starting point for a transparent conversation.
  • Risk
    • Every supply chain professional should be focused on reducing risk.
    • Understand your lanes and what you can do to avoid risks.
    • Capturing the tender rejection.
    • Tender rejection allows you to know what’s going on, or that’s something wrong in the market.
    • Find disruptions to allow new options and take action.
  • Carbon
    • Brands want and supply chains need to deliver more sustainable supply chains.
    • The first step in lowering carbon impact is measuring it.
    • FW can help transportation and logistics companies identify emissions by lanes and equipment type.
    • Taking the information depending on each equipment to produce the measurements.

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