Rick Tellez and Joe Lynch discuss the KlearNow story. Rick is the Co-founder of KlearNow, a tech firm dedicated to simplifying global customs clearance and drayage functions.

About Rick Tellez

Rick Tellez is the Co-founder of KlearNow, a technology start-up positioned as the go-to digital supply chain solution for businesses that trade across borders. His business acumen was built from a 20-year successful track record of managing operations, engineering and sales positions at DHL. Prior to starting KlearNow, Rick was on an executive career development track at DHL where he experienced multiple aspects of the business, including operations, process improvement, hub and gateway management, labor negotiations, special project management, and sales. Rick saw the frustrations faced by today’s supply chain operators, and those observations sparked his desire to start KlearNow. Now, Rick uses his first-hand experience to inform the strategy behind KlearNow’s logistics technology and services. Rick received a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

About KlearNow

KlearNow is transforming supply chains with its smart Logistics as a Service (LaaS) platform that connects data, people, processes, and organizations to enable new levels of visibility and productivity that reduce logistics costs and create better customer experiences. KlearNow’s customs clearance and drayage marketplaces on its AI-powered platform ease supply chain bottlenecks by digitizing paper-based transactions and enabling customs brokers and transporters to deliver superior real-time visibility needs of importers, exporters, and freight forwarders.

Key Takeaways: The KlearNow Story

  • Rick Tellez is the Co-founder of KlearNow, a tech firm dedicated to simplifying global customs clearance and drayage functions.
  • In the podcast interview, Joe and Rick discussed Rick’s entrepreneurial journey and the founding of KlearNow.
  • The global supply chain logistics market is highly fragmented with documentation processes that are complex, labor-intensive, error-prone, and time-consuming. KlearNow’s goal is to simplify and automate those processes.
  • KlearNow custom clearance
    • Digital customs clearance with end-to-end shipment and transportation visibility
    • Consolidated view of customs activities and multi-leg shipments on one platform
    • Clear customs exceptions quickly
  • KlearNow drayage
    • Connecting truckers to shipments just at the right time with KlearNow Trucker Mobile App
    • Last mile visibility for efficient warehouse planning and increased customer satisfaction
    • Real-time demurrage clock to avoid unnecessary fees

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