The Maven Story with Avi Geller

Avi Geller and Joe Lynch discuss the Maven story. Avi is he founder and CEO of Maven a technology company that is reinventing transportation management.

About Avi Geller

Avi Geller is the founder and CEO of Maven Machines. Since 2014, Avi has led Maven’s growth as an IoT platform that serves the transportation industry through real-time, mobile cloud enterprise software. Avi originally hails from Palo Alto, California, but started Maven in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania due to the city’s impressive innovation and technology resources. Prior to founding Maven, he held international positions with SAP and contributed to the growth of several successful software companies and startups. Avi also has an engineering degree from MIT and an MBA from Northwestern University.

About Maven

Maven is reinventing transportation management. With Maven’s powerful, easy-to-use software platform, trucking and transportation fleets leverage mobile cloud and industrial IoT technologies to optimize efficiency, safety, and profitability. Maven utilizes machine learning and data analytics for real-time, automated dispatch, planning, route optimization, workflow, and fleet management solutions. Maven’s exponential growth is largely driven by close industry partnerships, empowering fleets to produce measurable results with innovative technological solutions.

Key Takeaways: The Maven Story 

  • Avi Geller is the Founder and CEO of Maven, which is reinventing transportation management.
  • In the podcast interview, Avi describes his personal entrepreneurial journey and the many challenges he has faced since starting Maven.
  • Maven is reshaping the future of trucking and transportation by improving operational efficiency, driver safety, and maximizing profits.
  • Fleets that rely on Maven to manage their operations are cutting route planning time in half, reducing the time spent managing log edits by over 50%, and seeing fewer HOS violations.
  • Maven is a leading logistics software pioneer that solve complex operational problems across multiple industries, including LTL, Truckload, Parcel, Energy/Fuel, and Transportation.
  • By leveraging mobile cloud, industrial IoT, and machine learning technologies, Maven provides premier Fleet, ELD, Workflow, Inbound Planning, and Dispatch solutions to over 300 fleets, including 1,000+ truck fleets.

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