Blythe Brumleve and Joe Lynch discuss the state of logistics podcasting. They talk about the growing popularity of podcasts in the logistics industry and how podcasting can be a helpful tool for professionals to stay up-to-date on industry trends and insights. Blythe is the Founder of Digital Dispatch and the Host of Cyberly, an influential podcast on the Freightwaves platform.

About Blythe Brumleve

In 2008, Blythe Brumleve was working as a waitress and a blogger with a dream of owning her own company when she received an opportunity to work in the world of logistics. As an executive assistant to the C-suite, she gained first-hand knowledge of the daily operations of a $140M asset-based logistics provider. Knowing about her blogging side hustle, the executive team allowed her to take on the additional responsibility of the company’s digital marketing initiatives where over the course of 5 years, orchestrated two website redesigns, implemented an inbound marketing initiative, and established a sales outreach plan. After 5 years and following the unexpected closure of the logistics company, Blythe chose to seek opportunities in traditional marketing and media. During this time she served as editor in chief of Void Magazine, B2B copywriter for an ad agency, and radio/TV broadcaster in the North Florida market. During this time, her team earned several awards including three ADDY’s plus earning runner-up as Jacksonville’s Best Radio Personality. Eventually, Blythe would use these skills to fulfill her entrepreneurial goal by founding Digital Dispatch in 2018. Present-day, Blythe and her team oversee the management of dozens of websites to help the one-person marketing team flourish. In addition to running her company, Blythe is also a co-founder of the Jacksonville Podcasters Unite community, hosts the tech/B2B marketing show Cyberly on Freightwaves, and serves on the board of the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association.

About Digital Dispatch

Your website is the only thing that can sell for you 24/7.  While managing it can feel like a part-time job, ignoring it can cost your business revenue. That’s why Digital Dispatch is on a mission to help every freight company build a better website that connects your digital sales dots. Using our website services, you’ll know your company is built on a stronger digital foundation to increase brand awareness, off-load those annoying website tasks, shorten sales cycles, and speak confidently about ROI. Trusted by 30 freight brands and growing, Digital Dispatch pricing starts as low as $90/month with solutions to connect all of your marketing and sales data to one place with bonus industry-specific marketing education for your whole team.


[00:01:48] Joe’s career background.

[00:03:51] Starting a successful blog.

[00:07:57] Podcasting during COVID lockdown.

[00:10:54] High Failure Rate of Podcasts.

[00:15:50] Picking podcast guests.

[00:17:09] Evergreen content strategy.

[00:23:14] Listener-funded podcasts.

[00:24:49] Sponsored content authenticity.

[00:28:39] How to make a bad podcast.

[00:32:45] Successful entrepreneurs from humble beginnings.

[00:36:05] Starting a Podcast.

[00:38:12] The challenges of podcasting.

[00:41:33] Collaborating with sponsors.

[00:47:46] Podcasting and YouTube convergence.

[00:48:23] Creating YouTube-friendly content.

[00:52:32] The future of TikTok.

[00:55:57] Trucking industry job improvement.

[01:00:11] Podcasting and community building.

[01:02:54] Warehousing company turnover.

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