The Tive Story with Krenar Komoni

Krenar Komoni and Joe Lynch discuss the Tive story. Krenar is the CEO and founder of Tive, a leading provider of real-time supply chain visibility insights that help logistics professionals actively manage their in-transit shipments’ location and condition.


About Krenar Komoni

Krenar Komoni has developed breakthrough ideas in data analytics, logistics, and electronics design for nearly 20 years. As an innovator and market leader, he has successfully developed and led cross-functional teams while enhancing business performance in sales, finance, supply chain logistics, distribution, and manufacturing. Most recently, Krenar founded the Global Supply Chain Visibility company Tive and serves in the CEO role. Tive is a cloud-based platform that uses IoT sensors to capture critical real-time shipment sensor data as products are shipped worldwide. Krenar embodies the leadership, management, and vision necessary to deliver market innovation, drive growth, and unlock hidden potential. Previously, Krenar worked at BitWave Semiconductor, developing the world’s first software-defined radio (SDR), Eta Devices, an MIT-based startup developing highly efficient cellular base stations, and has provided consulting services for various Fortune 500 companies on chip and system-level wireless design.

About Tive

Tive is a leading provider of real-time supply chain visibility insights that help logistics professionals actively manage their in-transit shipments’ location and condition. With Tive, shippers and logistics service providers (LSP) eliminate preventable delays, damage, and shipment failures. Tive‘s solution provides data generated by its industry-leading trackers allowing clients to actively optimize their shipments, improve their customers’ experience, and unlock supply chain insights in an actionable real-time manner.

Key Takeaways: The Tive Story

  • Krenar Komoni is the Founder and CEO of Tive, a company that is re-imagining supply chain visibility with sensor-driven awareness and analysis tools of in-transit goods, from start to finish.
  • In the podcast interview, Krenar and Joe discuss Krenar’s life, career, and his entrepreneurial journey at Tive.
  • Tive in-transit visibility solutions help shipping and logistics professionals manage their shipments and eliminate preventable delays and damage.
  • Tive’s sensors provide the next level in visibility including:
    • Real-Time Data. Tive has developed a proprietary sensor + software solution enabling supply chain managers to get real-time insight into the location and condition of their shipments.
    • Complete Sensing Solution. A multi-sensor tracker sends location and condition data to the cloud, where it can be accessed from the Tive software platform in real time.
    • Configurable Location Alerts. Managers can configure customizable alerts to trigger notifications based on geofences or other significant events.
  • The Problem: When it comes to shipping critical materials or equipment, timing is everything. An early arrival may mean no one is available to receive the shipment, while a late arrival can result in field installation personnel billing for a wasted trip. Lack of coordination between the shipping and receiving teams leads to excessive cost, waste, and delay.
  • The Solution: Tive helps ensure that equipment arrives before the installer with real-time asset location tracking. With precise insight into the location and expected arrival of critical goods, including notifications if the shipment is not proceeding according to schedule, managers can cut waste and improve efficiency along complex, interdependent supply chains.
  • Tive provides Flexible, scalable solutions bringing end-to-end visibility to your supply chain.
  • Tive provides solutions for the following supply chain problem areas:
    • Location Tracking for High-Value Goods
    • Chemicals Condition Monitoring
    • Handling Damage Monitoring
    • Damage Alerts for Electronics Shipments
    • Port Delays
    • Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring
    • Environmental Monitoring for Perishables
    • Equipment Delivery Monitoring
    • Automotive Supply Chain Optimization

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