“3PLs bundle services to better serve their clients. The logistics industry is huge and the service offerings are very diverse. There are 5 major categories of logistics services: warehousing, transportation, special services, technology and logistics management.”


Ultimate Guide to 3PL Services

Have you ever nodded your head cluelessly and pretended to know what those obscure logistics support services actually were? We’ve all been there.

So I did a little research and the result is this ultimate guide to 3PL services.

With logistics being the massive industry that it is, you’re often expected to understand all the niche terms – even though no one has ever explained them to you. That’s why we’ve created this ebook. Here’s what we’ll cover:

In the first chapter of this ebook,  there is a review of three 3PL definitions. There will also be en explanation of 1PLs, 2PLs, 4PLs, and how they all work together.

Logistics Support Services Explained

3PLs bundle logistics services to better serve their clients.  Every 3pL is unique in their service offerings, but all specialize in one or more of the following logistics service types.

  1. Logistics Management – descriptions of everything from Just-In-Time to Global Trade Management
  2. Transportation Services – explanations of services such as Fleet Acquisition to the seven types of Ocean carriers
  3. Warehousing – everything from Pick and Pack to Vendor Managed Inventory
  4. Technology/Web Services – From  TMS to EDI to ERP to GTM, we’ll help get your acronyms straight
  5. Special Services – descriptions of everything else, from Crisis Planning to Foreign Trade Zone services

Within each logistics service type, there are a number of services that 3PLs offer.  There are a total of 46 logistics services.  In the attached 3PL definition guide, there is a brief definition for each service.

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