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Logistics is Not a Commodity!

Logistics might not be a commodity, but it sure feels like it. Anybody selling transportation and logistics services will tell you, that many if not...
Logistics Management, Selecting a 3PL

3PL Sales: Hunting vs. Farming

Most logistics and transportation salesmen are hunters. By hunters, I mean they go hunting for customers every day. They are just like any other hunter,...
Selecting a 3PL
Logistics Management, Selecting a 3PL

A Better Way to Sell 3PL Services

I’ve Found a Better Way to Sell 3PL Services When I first began selling 3PL services, I was surprised at how difficult it was to...

What’s Wrong With The Shippers?

There is something up with shippers. I sell transportation services, so I talk with shippers most every day. They look and act normal, but there...
Technology, Transportation

TMS Study 2015

The smart folks at TMS software research firm Software Advice have published an insightful new transportation management software study titled Transportation Management Software – Small Business...
Logistics Explained, Selecting a 3PL, Transportation

How To Find a Great Freight Forwarder

I often hear from novice shippers: “How can I find a great freight forwarder?” The truth is that finding a great freight forwarder is actually...
Logistics Management, Webinars

Alternatives to UPS and FedEx

Introduction Although UPS and Fedex may seem like the best options due to their prevalence, it’s important to look into alternative small parcel carriers. These carriers...
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Top 25 LTL Carriers 2014

This is a list of the Top 25 LTL Carriers 2014 Ranking is based on 2013 revenue  including fuel surcharges.  Revenues provided are based on...

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